Not just a toy car: introducing the awesomely customizable Modarri cars

Sponsored postMake way for ModarriI never, ever thought I would utter the words “we’re a car family”. But, with a husband who hasn’t missed a car show since he was a tiny boy and a son who simply asks for “any cars I don’t have” for Christmas and birthdays, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Obviously, my daughter and I were the holdouts, content to let the boys play with their cars – some toys, some very real that take up my whole driveway – and smile.

But, then we found the world of Modarri cars, and I think we all got a little giddy at all the possibilities for this amazing new take on the toy car. Modarri closeupPart build-it-yourself custom car model, part art to be displayed and enjoyed after building, and still 100% toy that can be played and raced with, the Modarri car line takes everything you thought about boring toy cars and flips it on its head. Although ours came assembled and ready for play, each Modarri model includes multiple different parts: a chassis, hood and windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, wheels with front and rear suspensions as well as a hex tool for building and rebuilding to your heart’s desire and traffic cones to contain the shenanigans.

Modarri Cars in packageThese individual pieces can be taken apart and reassembled as well as mixed and matched with other Modarri cars to create even more custom car options. Modarri custom racing funAside from the endless creativity, I also love that Modarri took the extra step to make it as easy for little builders as possible. One of the ways they did this is by installing keeper washers on the screws that hold the cars together, ensuring you will never lose these important little pieces. Building ModarriWhile customizing your ride is a ton of fun, what really sets these cars apart is how you can play with them. Most toy cars have four fixed plastic wheels that don’t allow for turns and twists, so in order to steer them the wheels must slip and move in unnatural ways and you end up rotating the car pretending it steers. With Modarri, the steering works just like a real car with wheels that grip and suspension that allows you to turn, race, jump and more.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the way that you steer your Modarri cars makes it even cooler. Just like a real car where the fun happens in the driver seat, Modarri cars are different in the fact that you can steer simply by putting your finger in the driver seat and pushing in the direction you want to go. Modarri steeringWhile we all quickly fell in love with this intuitive and easy way to maneuver the cars and really get a feel for “driving”, our littlest reviewer was immediately a pro and raced around as if he had been doing this his whole life. Driving ModarriAs for our daughter, she really enjoyed the building and DIY aspects of the Modarri cars and loved the fact that we let her be the designer. Armed with glittery paint and a small brush, she took over the DIY car and truly made it her own. Modarri paintingWith her custom paint job completed, she happily put it all back together with only a little assistance from daddy. Since there aren’t that many pieces to connect and the pieces are all fairly easy to place correctly with the included arrows on the main components, the cars are easy to build quickly and hold her interest until completed. Modarri custom paint jobModarri cars are available in four models currently {with more planned soon}: the S1 street car, X1 dirt car, TI track car and a DIY model. As well as each having their own distinctive look, the suspension, handling, ride height and tires are a bit different from car to car, which makes them even more fun to mix and match. Modarri_S1 Street w retail pkg_LR
Modarri cars are recommended for ages 6+, but I don’t think anyone could possibly keep our little guy from them that long, so I love that when they are put together he is able to play with them and set up various tracks for him and daddy to race. And, I am hoping that by the time his 6th birthday rolls around there are dozens of new Modarri cars to mix and match with for even more hours of building fun.The T1, S1, X1 and DIY cars retail for $19.95 individually or you can buy the T1, S1, and X1 in a three pack for $49.95. Modarri loveWant to find out more about these amazing Modarri cars? Visit and connect with Modarri on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their YouTube channel.  
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