New mom must-have: Corolle first dolls for babies

Sponsored postDo you have a baby in your life? There’s definitely something in the water because there are so many babies expected in the next few months. With my own babe’s arrival creeping closer and closer, I’m starting to think of everything that needs to be done to prepare for adding a baby to the family and I’ve already got quite a few things in the works.

Just like when we went from one child to two, we’re planning on doing a gift from the baby to the older siblings, but with one main difference. This time, the baby will get a present, too. Last time, my daughter opened a Corolle Emma doll at the hospital with a baby bath, but we didn’t even think about getting the new baby a gift like we should have. Feeding baby Emma

That turned out to be a mistake because although my daughter was incredibly excited that we could bathe our new babies together, my son also thought Emma should be his. He was just months old when he began rolling over just to get to my daughter’s Corolle babies and covering them with slobbery baby kisses. We ended up getting him his first Corolle Calin baby then, but in retrospect I would have done things differently and gotten them each a baby as a gift from each other Baby boy with Corolle doll
Quite honestly, both of my kids should have gotten their first babies earlier on, as those first Corolle babies ended up becoming true best friends that they never went anywhere without. My daughter was just a year old and I was thinking that was far too young for a doll, but when I saw the love that existed between her and her Corolle Bebe Do, it was clear I was wrong. With my son, I started younger and got him his first Corolle at 6 months old, but even then I think he was ready for one sooner – as well as my daughter being very ready to not have him steal her dolls all the time.

This time, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m coming to the hospital armed with a new Corolle baby for all my babies. I’ve got a Les Chéries doll for my daughter, a Mon Premier baby for my son, and two Babi Corolle First Dolls for the new baby. I’m hoping this time it leads to peace in our Corolle nursery when baby has a doll of her own to chew on, sleep with, and cuddle with. BabI Corolle dollsBesides, this will be my last baby and I don’t want to miss out on the Babi Corolle line, Corolle's first soft dolls, this time around. If you haven’t seen the Babi Corolle soft dolls in person, you should definitely check them out.

Not only do they have sweet baby faces and soft bodies perfect for newborn on up, they are designed with multiple "handles" so they are easy for tiny fingers to grasp and explore. All Babi Corolle first dolls are machine washable {air dry naturally} and have a sewn-in label with space to write baby's name.

As with all Corolle, the Babi Corolle dolls and gift sets are delicately scented with vanilla so that their dolls will have the same sweet smell as the big kids’ Corolle babies, which will definitely make the little ones happy. Then, when the time comes to graduate to the classic Corolle babies, the Babi Corolle babies can simply be bedtime lovies.

Do you have a favorite Babi Corolle line? From soft-bodied dolls, rattles, Elf dolls, Babipouce, and Lili dolls, there is a little Corolle for every baby. Babi Corolle

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