Modarri mix & match Monster Trucks

Thank you to Modarri for sending their mix and match Monster Trucks for review. All opinions are 100% ours. 

Modarri Monster Trucks 4If you haven’t heard of Modarri cars before, you’re in for a treat. They are build-it-yourself custom cars that you can mix and match and customize to your heart’s content.  Each car even comes complete with a special hex tool so you can break down the car into its multiple parts: a chassis, hood and windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, and wheels {many with front and rear suspension}.

And, each of those parts can be used with other Modarri car models so you can build and rebuild as often as you like to create whatever car strikes your fancy. Once you assemble your race team, that’s when you get to enjoy the next level of play as you race. Simply set up the included cones, grab a few racers, and then let your finger does the driving. That’s right, this is all you need for hours of fun. Modarri racersMini shirts and drawn on faces completely optional, of course.

Modarri cars with racersWith a growing Modarri collection that includes race cars, sport cars, street cars, concept cars, and off road cars amongst other things, I honestly thought we were done being wowed by Modarri. But, then we heard about the newest Modarri cars, the Monster Truck series. Modarri Monster Trucks in packageLike the original Modarri cars, the new Monster Truck series is all customizable so you can mix and match over and over again. But, what I really love is that you can mix and match many pieces within the Monster Truck series as well as with the original cars, so you can create hybrid truck/cars to play with. Modarri Monster Trucks 2There are three Monster Trucks available as of now: The Jurassic Beasts, Space Invaders, and Team Sharkz. Take one piece from one set, two pieces from another, and place it all on the chassis of yet another set and you’ve built your own custom car to fit your play. Add in original Modarri sets and the possibilities quickly grow exponentially. 

Modarri finger racers

The chassis of the Monster Trucks are bigger than the original cars and the wheels substantially larger, so those parts cannot be mixed and matched, but basically everything else can. So, take off the pieces, redesign the cars and trucks, and then screw them together to make your own racers. The result is Monster Trucks that can roll faster, keep going longer, and go over any terrain.Modarri Monster Trucks

Functional differences between TURBO Monster Trucks and PRO Modarri cars:

  • Tires now separate from rims and interchange with all other monster rims
  • Snap on wheels and rims for quicker assembly
  • Free wheeling, straight rolling action! These trucks can be pushed in a perfectly straight line! (No steering mechanics)
  • Heavy duty plastic frames with retained screws
  • Larger, built-in seat to fit characters as well as bigger fingers 

Modarri Monster Trucks 3They don’t steer like the original Modarri do with only the power of your finger, but they do handle so many more obstacles, which makes them just another kind of fun. When paired with original Modarri, the fun is basically endless.  We’ve raved before about the steering for original Modarri cars that is all controlled simply by putting your finger in the driver seat and pushing in the direction you want to go and the car steers for you. These Modarri Monster Trucks don’t move like that, because they have no steering mechanism. This makes them ideal for younger drivers, as well as games where you want the car to roll in a straight line. Modarri Monster Trucks 5Did I mention they are amazingly cool looking? Just check out these cool Monster Trucks, which my kiddos insisted that we build just like the pictures to start off their play. Then, their “drivers” were ready to roll. When they were done, the real designing started. 

I know I’ve said it before, I really can’t stress enough how glad I am that Modarri took the extra step to add keeper washers on the teeny tiny screws that hold the cars together. This means that when you take them apart, the screws still stay attached within the body pieces, which ensures you will never lose these important little pieces or find screws all over your floor. Since there aren’t that many pieces to connect and the pieces are all fairly easy to place correctly with the included arrows on the main components, the cars are easy to build quickly and hold both kids interest. Racers and ModarriModarri cars are now diverse and includes all sorts of cars and now trucks as well as deluxe sets. As well as each car/truck having their own distinctive look, the suspension, handling, ride height and tires are a bit different from car to car, which makes them even incredibly fun to mix and match.Modarri kidsThe individual Modarri mix and match cars and trucks retail for $19.99 or you can buy a three pack for added savings. Want to find out more about these amazing Modarri cars? Visit and connect with Modarri on Facebook@modarri_cars on Twitter, Pinterest, and their awesome YouTube channel.  Are you ready to buy? Visit

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