What we’re playing with: the Keurig Rivo

Sponsored post basic disclosureOkay, so it's not a TOY, exactly, but that doesn't mean we're not playing with it. I mean, seriously, look at this beauty. Don't you want to play with it, too? Keurig Rivo machineYes, that's the Keurig Rivo, a single-serve espresso machine with a milk frother built right in. This is what's known as heaven for us non-coffee types who can't make a good cup of coffee to save our lives.

When I first saw the call for Keurig Rivo Houseparty applicants, I was already sold on the machine. I repeatedly informed my husband that if I wasn't chosen for the party that I was going to need a Rivo for Mother's Day. Luckily, I was chosen for the party, because I'm fairly certain my husband already had my Mother's Day present picked out.

Here's an almost-all-of-us group shot at the Keurig Rivo party. Keurig PartyAnd here's Susan, my lucky winner of the Rivo system I was giving away at the party. Yes, I was that excited, too. Keurig Rivo WinnerOne look at my new machine and I was in love. I scheduled my party with family and friends to check it out, and then I spent a few days getting to know my Rivo. What I found out was that I adore the Rivo.

I've been a Keurig owner for years and I really love their convenient K-cup system that allows you to make ciders and cocoa and more, but I still preferred a freshly made espresso beverage given the choice. There's just something awesome about frothed milk instead of creamer from a can and you really can't compare the two. Coffee your way with the Keurig RivoNow I have convenience and gourmet beverages thanks to the Rivo system. The Rivo only has 5 buttons {3 for milk frothing and 2 for brewing size}, which it makes it easy for novices like myself to make the perfect cup.

But, don't mistake the Rivo for a beginners system. I can make iced coffees, hot lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, macchiatos, and just about anything else I can dream up because the machine does just about everything for me. Then, once it is brewed I can add syrups and specialty items to make coffeehouse-worthy drinks right in the comfort of my home. Keurig Rivo logoIf you're a previous Keurig owner, you will be sad to know that the Rivo system takes a whole new K-cup size and your old K-cups are not going to be compatible with the Rivo. But, the good news is that the Rivo K-cups from Lavazza are amazingly delicious and even better than any of the K-cups I had previously tried.

Want to find out more? You can read up on the Keurig Rivo systems and even check out all the {many} Rivo recipes you can make. To buy, you can visit your local Bed Bath and Beyond stores as well as buy online from Keurig.com

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