What we’re playing with: PlanToys drum set

Plan Toys drum set

Mark my words: someday this kid is going to be in a rock band. And, I hope he's still rocking a "My Heart Beats for Mom" tee when he does.

PlanToys drum set

Of course, by then I hope he's graduated to drum machines or whatever they invent in the next 15 years for musicians. But for now, the PlanToys drum set, AKA the Musical Band is perfect for him.

I love that nothing is too loud or obnoxious, and all the instruments have unique sounds that make for some really cool beats. He loves that it all comes apart and he can make up his own instruments using all sorts of random things he finds in the toy box. We all like that it is easy to put back together so the kids can do it themselves.

Oh, and because I can resist… here's a shot of my BABY on Christmas morning 2011 with his new PlanToys drum set. Yes, he was taking the drum set apart as early as 14 months old and making his own form of music back then. A musician from birth, I tell you.  PlanToys drum pieces
What we're playing with

PlanToys drum set complete
Plan Toys Musical Band set
, available from PlanToys.com and many local retailers. Plan Toys has a whole collection of musical toys that we love, including the Concertina and Xylophone.

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