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Winson Newton dual tip markersHave an artist or budding artist on your list this year? If so, you need to check out The Gift Collection from Winsor & Newton. Each of the six new collections contain the essential tools an artist needs to create amazing art, all beautifully crafted with the finest materials and packaged in ready-to-gift boxes.Winsor Newton pro art supplies
I chair our school’s art competition each year, so I usually have groups of kids I work with while they are creating their masterpieces for competition. This year, we had two new sets in the The Gift Collection as our secret weapons, and they were so much fun to use.

Winsor Newton pad of paper
Graphic Marker Collection

If you are looking for a professional grade marker for all of our pen art, look no further than the versatile Winsor & Newton ProMarkers. These pens can be used on a variety of surfaces and are a must-have in every artist’s marker collection with its twin-tipped design that has a fine nib for detail and a broad nib for large areas. This 10-piece marker kit also includes an A2 “Graphic markers in practice” poster and bristol board, the ideal surface for markers with its smooth texture and heavy stock.

I loved how vivid the colors were and how they provided streak-free coverage on our many art mediums. They are also blend-friendly with alcohol-based, translucent ink that can be used in so many ways. While the kids weren’t quite ready for layering and blending, I love that they can be used that way as well as their art progresses.

Pro markers pen

Water Colour Marker Collection

The Water Colour Marker Collection contains 8 innovative and unique water colour pens that are all ready for experimenting with. I’ve used water colour pencils before, but the marker version was extra special and created some really cool effects.

Pro markers openI especially love the water colour markers when used with water to dilute the lines and add more of a flowing color over the piece without losing detail. Dual nibs allow for a variety of strokes including generous washes to sweeping lines and fine details. Let colors shine while exploring a whole new approach to the practice of water colour.

Winsor Newton markersIncludes 8 x Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers, ideal for creating beautiful works without the mess of conventional paints, plus a 12-sheet Water Colour pad and an A2 “Water colour markers in practice” poster.

Watercolor markersWinsor & Newton “The Gift Collection” retails for $45 per set and is made from the finest materials. Each set is beautifully crafted for giving with all the essential art tools and supplies an artist needs to start creating. The six sets include: Water Colour Collection, Acrylic Colour Collection, Oil Colour Collection, Graphic Market Collection, Water Colour Marker Collection and the Drawing Ink Collection.
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