Stay active year round with the KidSource Musical Hop Skipper

Musical Skip HopperAs a family, we stay pretty active. We hike, we skate, we walk just about everywhere, and we’re always up for a multi-city bike ride. But, as active as all of my kids are, they haven’t all inherited my natural athleticism. I’m going to pause here while everyone that knows me finishes laughing. Not to say that we’re *opposed* to anything active, it’s just that I, along most of my offspring, have a tendency towards clumsiness. I am hoping the kids are more like their Daddy-O and eventually grow out of the clumsiness, but for now I’m always looking for toys and activities that help them master coordination.

So, I was elated when I found the Musical Hop Skipper from KidSource. It’s a fun toy that encourages them to be active and burn energy, but it also helps teach coordination as they jump over the rotating arm. The Musical Hop Skipper is wonderful in that it is both simple and challenging at the same time and keeps kids moving, all while growing with them as their skills progress.Musical Skip HopperWith 3 speeds ranging from slow to fast and 3 height adjustments, the Musical Hop Skipper provides an active and fun challenge for kids of all ages. You simply set the Musical Hop Skipper at your desired height, set the speed, and the arms begin spinning. Kids then have to get their timing right to jump over the arms of the Hop Skipper as they spin around to the music.Kids with Hop SkipperI love that the Musical Hop Skipper is perfect for solo games, or multiple kids can jump at once or play as a group. My kids had a blast thinking of games they could incorporate into their Hop Skipper play and they had so much fun as they challenged each other to timed jumps, dual jumps, and competed to see who could jump the longest without errors. As the speeds increase, the challenge gets even greater, and I love seeing the kids laughing as they work together to help each other master the levels.Musical Hop SkipperWhile the Musical Hop Skipper is sturdy enough for outdoor use, it is also an awesome toy for active indoor play as the weather gets cooler. When kids are trapped inside for the winter, I love being able to offer them active games that don’t destroy the house. The Musical Hop Skipper definitely fit the bill perfectly and provides good aerobic exercise while having fun.

Really, I wouldn’t expect any less from KidSource products. I’ve been a big fan of KidSource products for decades and my kiddos have grown up playing with their colorful collection of brands that engage young learners with sight, sound and touch. I can tell one of their brands from across a crowded toy store, so I was sold on the Musical Hop Skipper simply on the brand name alone because I knew it would stand the test of time.Musical Hop Skipper KidSourceKidSource is committed to providing quality products that provide enriching play for your little ones, and the Musical Hop Skipper is no exception. It’s sturdy and high quality, ready for months and months of play. Get the kiddos the Musical Hop Skipper and keep them moving all year round.Hop Skipper

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