Magic Cabin Tree Trunk Fairy Home

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 16 It's not often that I throw out the word "magic" when describing something, but there is honestly no better description for what you will find on the pages of the Magic Cabin catalog.  The first time I ever looked through a Magic Cabin catalog I didn't even have children … Read more

Corolle Emma and Paul Potty Training Dolls

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 6 If I were listing off educational toys for children, I would put dolls way up at the top.  I know most people don't think of baby dolls in terms of educational or learning toys, but I certainly do.  There are so many things that playing with dolls teaches young … Read more

Buy Once, Play Forever at Maukilo

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 5 I know I’m not alone in noticing that toys these days are getting cheaper and cheaper.  This is why we are doing what many of you out there are and looking toward classic toys and gifts this holiday season.  When I think of high quality and classic toys, I … Read more

Jellyfish Lampquarium from Wild Creations

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1 I just found the coolest tween gift ever for the holiday season, something that is the perfect gift for that kid on your list that has everything.  Well, everything but their very own jellyfish, that is.  What parent doesn’t want their kid to have their own jellyfish?  What… no … Read more

WheelyBug Ride-On from Prince Lionheart

I must admit that I fell in love with the wheelyBUG from Prince Lionheart well before my daughter even knew they existed.  Besides loving their multi-directional castor wheel style movement that allows kiddos to spin 180s and get around with ease, they are also beyond adorable.  It’s these reasons that make it one of my … Read more

Therm-a-Rest Mattresses and Accessories

For many people, camping is a solitary activity, a way to get away from everything and clear your mind while out by yourself.  I have always felt just the opposite, that camping is much better if you include good friends.  I found that by getting rid of all the distractions of city life, you end … Read more

Here Comes the Easter Bunny – The Steiff Dossy Bunny

I just love Easter – egg hunts, family dinners, baskets filled with candy, and little kids in their Sunday best – it is the perfect ingredients for a picture perfect day.  Now that I’ve got a little one of my own, of course I’m thinking about what I can fill her Easter basket with and … Read more

Pulse Slither Drift Scooter

Has your kid mastered the traditional scooter and needs a new challenge?  Are you looking for a more exciting and fun version of the classic kid’s toy?  Or are you twenty (something) and looking to hit the streets and have a blast with your kiddos?  Bravo Sports has your answer, and it comes in the … Read more

The Ultimate Gift – Step 2 Fresh Market Kitchen

Love isn’t a strong enough word for how much my daughter adores her Step 2 Fresh Market Kitchen.  Some days I think that the entire house could disappear around her and she wouldn’t even notice as long as she had 4 things with her: her Step2 Kitchen our working refrigerator (for real snacks) her Corolle … Read more

Interactive Toy Concepts iFly Duck Hunter

One of my favorite toys I’ve seen this last year has got to be the iFly Duck Hunter from Interactive Toy Concept.  We first came across it at the Time To Play Showcase in New York, and from the moment I saw the duck flying around the room I knew I had to have one.  … Read more