WheelyBug Ride-On from Prince Lionheart

I must admit that I fell in love with the wheelyBUG from Prince Lionheart well before my daughter even knew they existed.  Besides loving their multi-directional castor wheel style movement that allows kiddos to spin 180s and get around with ease, they are also beyond adorable.  It’s these reasons that make it one of my favorite ride-on toys ever and why I would recommend it for every child.

41CrKMoCQJL__AA300_ The wheelyBUG consists of a padded seat in bright bug and animal designs that is complete with super cute antennae or ears, depending on the style you choose.  This cushioned “bug” seat is made from thick sponge covered with polyurethane leatheroid which is incredibly easy to wipe clean as well as a small sturdy handle for pushing or riding.  All of this adorableness sits upon a wooden base with easy to spin castors on the bottom.  Although the design may be incredibly simple, it’s this adorable simplicity that draws kids to it and begs them to ride it.  And then once they do, watch out, because they are never going to want to get off of it.  
When my daughter's growth was delayed and she lagged behind all the other kids her age with her strength and ability to maneuver ride on toys, I did an exhaustive search to find one that she could easily handle.  In my search, I ran across the Prince Lionheart wheelyBUG once more and realized that it was the perfect toy for her to try so she could still experience riding with her friends.  The best part was that this wasn’t a baby toy that she would quickly grow out of and then would sit taking up space, but rather one that would last for years and that numerous children could ride. 

WheelyN Instinctively all kids seem to know what to do upon hopping on the wheelyBUG the first time, even with no instruction or guidance.  Because of its simple and straightforward design, the wheelyBUG couldn’t be easier to ride which makes it easier for young children to keep up with older kids and have just as much fun. 

Because you are not limited to moving in straight lines and all steering is done with your feet instead of by a separate turning handlebar, getting moving is so much easier on a wheelyBUG than any other riding toy I've ever seen.  It's this unique combination that makes it perfect for those who are struggling with traditional ride on toys as well as great fun for experienced riders as they get good at weaving around in tight places and spinning around completely.

In truth, one of the best things about the wheelyBUG is that there isn’t really a wrong way to ride it.  Since the wheels spin in every direction, your child can move any way they choose by merely pushing off with their feet.  As they ride more and their skill level increases, they will be able to refine their movements and get even more enjoyment from their newfound control. 

Wheely Bug I will never forget that first time my daughter saw a wheelyBUG and got a chance to ride one.  Her excitement was really contagious as she voomed about the room, alternately holding on to the antennae or the handle as she rode.  It was one of those moments as a mom that made me so proud of what my little girl was able to overcome.  I think it was then as I watched her cruising around that she began to look like a full fledged kid to me instead of my little baby.
It’s been incredibly fun to watch the subtle difference in my daughter spinning goofily through the kitchen not realizing she was favoring one foot, to now seeing her spin purposefully around as if on some crazy slalom course.  Even better is that she doesn’t get “stuck” on the wheelyBUG like she can other ride on toys.  Since she is able to move forwards, backwards, and side to side with ease, she never finds herself in a corner she can’t get out of.  If, by chance, she ever should, it’s good to know that the wheelyBUG’s low profile is easy for her to get on and off of all by herself.

Pushing the Wheely Bug As most parents know, it can be very hard to match toys to your child’s skill level.  I have always said it’s better to get something that is too old for your child since they will grow into rather than out of it and let your child dictate when they are ready for more.  Better yet is when you can get a toy that grows with your child during all the development stages without frustrating them now.  With the award-winning wheelyBUG, I’ve definitely found a ride-on toy that fits in this category and one that all my children are sure to be using for quite some time.


The Wheely Bug is available in two sizes:
Small 15" L x 9" W x 8 ¾ " H (seat) for 1.5 yrs +
Large 18 ½ " x 11" x 10 ½ " for 3yrs +

Features of the Wheely Bug:
• Totally new concept to encourage gross motor skills while having heaps of fun.
• Bright, soft, unisex design… an instant attraction to little girls and boys alike.
• Tough PU covering, resistant to the inevitable “little accidents”, easy to clean.
• Padded with a 1” layer of soft sponge.
• Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC.
• Weighs only Small: 4lb, Large: 5lb
• Constructed with only the highest quality components.
• Design Patented and Trademark Registered.
• Multidirectional castors, no more getting stuck against obstacles.
• Children love the easy, unlimited mobility.
• Researched and developed in child care centres (designed for “industrial” kid use.)
• Certified tested to ASTM 963, CE EN71, JP ST05, AS/NZ ISO 8124.
• Intended for use on smooth floors, ideal for indoors, runs quietly.
• Recommended rider weight 50lb.
• Stainless steel spring mounted “feelers”, which wobble much to the delight of children, have an internal cord to prevent pull out.
• Plywood base made from renewable plantation timber.

If you'd like to see some video of an adult riding a small Wheely Bug, click this link HERE.

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A huge thank you to Prince Lionheart for sending their beloved WheelyBUG to be reviewed.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.23270_208219775290_9623_n

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  1. These are so adorable! I’ve been looking at ride on toys for my twins and it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t look really flimsy and have a licensed character all over it.

  2. Cute little plaything for kids! I really love the various wheelyBUG designs and will defintiely be checking them out. Will be really perfect for kids and it improves their riding skills. I simply love those toys! Great article.Thanks for posting.

  3. Amazing ride! I like every designs, they are all attractive and good for many kids out there. And i think they are all safe, especially when it comes to the wheels. Please be watchful every time your kids is riding on it. Thank you!

  4. A friend of mine said her wheelybug was great in a more confined space too as the wheels go all around not just backwards and forwards so children get stuck less, which has to be good.

  5. The wheelyBUG is a Prince Lionheart product. This was requested by Deedee09. Thanks for the cute idea Deedee09. gain fitness, body skill and fun when riding this.


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