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When I think of George Foreman, I automatically think of the iconic grill that was wildly popular during my adolescence.  I still remember all the healthy cooking commercials and the fact that just about everyone I knew owned their own George Foreman Grill.  In fact, my family owned two – one that was large enough to grill up four steaks and one that was designed for two people or for smaller snacks.

GRP4EP Having been pretty familiar with the George Foreman Grill of a decade ago, I was extremely excited to find out that the line has since been expanded dramatically and now offers even greater possibilities for Healthy Cooking.  The Evolve Grill is the newest release from George Foreman and is so much more than that first basic grill.  In addition to grilling meats, veggies and more, it actually replaces numerous appliances and gadgets most of us have in our cupboards.

From baking muffins and casseroles to perfect waffles and pancakes, the George Foreman Evolve Grill covers a whole range of cooking that is completely unexpected in a grill.  Whether you are cooking up breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, the Evolve Grill offers a quick and easy way to customize the grill to suit your menu.  With the addition of removable plates, you can easily convert the grill to make a huge variety of foods and give you a greater versatility in the kitchen as well as easier cleanup.

Grp4ep_3_As with all George Foreman Grills, the Evolve Grill plates have a “George Tough” nonstick coating that makes it so food doesn’t stick to the grill as well as the patented slope that allows excess fat and oils to drain away from your food.  This allows you to make healthy meals for your family with no oils added and no scrubbing required, something I’m sure we all can appreciate.  Even better is that all the George Foreman Evolve Grill Plates are all dishwasher safe, which was really surprising to me and made for incredibly simple cleanup.    

Grp4ep_2_ The Evolve comes in 3 different starter sets, each with 4 special grill plates that depends on the model you choose.  We received the Grill, Bake, Mini Burger Evolve Grill set that comes with two grilling plates, a deep dish baking pan, and a burger slider insert.  What’s really great is that you have the ability to expand your grill down the road by purchasing more Evolve grill plates to make pancakes, waffles, muffins, cupcakes, paninis, omelets, and so much more.  I am incredibly excited to try out the muffin pan and the waffle grill plates soon, which would help us clear out even more of our cupboards and make the Evolve even more essential in our kitchen. 

 George Foreman Open Every single thing we have tried on the Evolve Grill has been delicious and I actually look for things I can cook just to get an excuse to use it.  The first thing we tried was the cross-hatch grill plates to make some grilled chicken breasts and I was absolutely shocked by how delicious and moist the finished chicken was.  Even my daughter who would prefer if we all went vegetarian took one bite and said “mmmmm” and then proceeded to eat almost a whole large chicken breast by herself – before we even sat down to dinner.

Since I am notoriously bad at cooking meats, I really loved how easy it was to grill up a great tasting dinner in a matter of minutes.  Straight out of the box, all I had to do was connect the grilling Specialty Grill Platesplates, make sure the Evolve was at a slope, set the time noted for chicken in the included grill guide and then start it preheating.  Once preheated, I just put the chicken breasts directly on the lower grill plate and shut the Evolve so the upper grill plates pressed down on the meat as it cooked.  Once the grill beeped to let me know the food was done, I then checked the internal temperature for doneness.  Perfection!

When using the specialty plates included with the Evolve Grill, you simply turn a small handle in the back of the unit to level the grill out and then attach whatever grill plate you need.  This makes it possible to make casseroles, muffins, cupcakes, waffles, pancakes and more without having them bake at an angle.  As much as I love the new Evolve Grill for making meats and more for dinner, it’s this versatility that makes me really excited about what I can do with the Evolve and has me making up all sorts of crazy recipes.

Egg DishMy recipe favorite so far has to be an egg casserole I whipped up within 10 minutes that fed the whole family and is now on our “easy weeknight dinner” list.  I was thrilled with how evenly and how quickly it cooked, which meant that I got dinner on the table fast and every bite was delicious.  I’m really excited to try a veggie casserole soon as well as trying out a baked good to see how it does.  If it’s at all like the first dozen experiments, the Evolve Grill may never make it make to its new home right near the pantry.

We seriously love the Evolve Grill from George Foreman Healthy Cooking and use it almost daily, sometimes just for fun.  In all my years of owning my own home and cooking for a family, I can't think of another cooking gadget I can say that about!

Specialty Grill Plates available with the George Foreman Evolve:

  • Cross-hatch grill plates (2) – Perfect for grilling chicken breasts, fresh fish and more.
  • Mini-Burger plate – Serve up low-fat turkey sliders in minutes.
  • Griddle plate – Cook up breakfast, lunch or dinner without adding extra oil or butter for healthier meals.
  • Cupcake/muffin plate – Whipping up six muffins or cupcakes is a snap with this easy-to-use plate.
  • Panini plates (2) – No need to butter bread when making panini in the George Foreman Evolve™ Grill.
  • Deep-dish baking plate – From lasagna to veggie-packed casseroles, the deep-dish bake pan provides another versatile usage for the George Foreman Evolve™ Grill.
  • Omelet plates (2) – Flipping omelets used to require lots of butter or oil to prevent sticking, however, with the George Tough™ nonstick coating, making omelets is simpler and healthier than ever.
  • Waffle plate –The waffle plates makes preparing golden, delicious waffles on the grill easy and convenient.

Key Product Features from the George Foreman Healthy Cooking website:

  • George Tough™ nonstick coating for oil-free cooking
  • Patented slope for fat to drip away
  • Drip tray that is dishwasher safe for collecting grease drippings
  • 84 square-inch cooking surface
  • Precise Digital Time and Temperature Control
  • Removable dishwasher-safe plates
  • Extra-high floating hinge adjusts automatically to the thickness of food to perfectly press thick cuts of meat and stuffed panini
  • Embedded heating elements provide even heat from the center to the sides of the plate and faster temperature recovery

Price: The Evolve Grill with 4 removable plates is available for $129.99, and you choose between three different George Foreman Evolve Grill sets to best suit your cooking tastes

Visit the George Foreman Cooking Blog for recipes, tricks and tips and more

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