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Lifestyle I've reviewed a lot of baby carriers in my days, but there's one that continues to get numerous emails each month.  That carrier is the ERGObaby that we reviewed back in 2009 that everyone, including us, loves.

And, every single person who contacts me gets the same response: I don't know how we would have survived without ours.  From the moment we got the ERGO Baby we have relied on it heavily in order to remain as mobile as we were before children.  You may even remember my post about how it was literally worth its weight in gold during our fast paced European trip last year and how it’s the first thing we pack when we’re going out for the day.

But, the one and only complaint we have heard from many moms is that the ERGO is not that great for infants.  While it’s true that the ERGO was not designed for tiny babies because they don't fit comfortably in the seat as newborns, I was really happy to learn that there is a great ERGObaby infant insert that you can purchase. 

The Heart2Heart Infant Insert was one of the first things we looked into when we were expecting our newest reviewer this fall because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to survive without my hands free, especially with a very active toddler I’m chasing this time around. 

Lifestyle2 So, now I’m going to tell you what I will be emailing every single mom that contacts me about the ERGO for a newborn: the ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert is also worth its weight in gold.  From the moment we placed our son in the infant insert, he immediately snuggled into it and snoozed happily while we got all of our errands done – hands free.  Each time we have placed him in it since has had the same effect and he immediately calmed down and eventually fell asleep. 

The design of the infant insert is a fairly simple burrito-style wrap that keeps their legs, feet, and hands enveloped in soft padded cotton and gives them a cushioned place to sit.  The Heart2Heart Insert then closes with a strap to keep baby contained and cozy while they ride.  Because it’s already feeling like winter here, I love that the ERGO Heart2Heart insert keeps baby swaddled and contained, including their little limbs which are usually hard to keep covered. 

Accessories Another reason why we love the ERGO Heart2Heart Infant Insert for baby is that taking him in and out of the carrier is so much easier.  This is especially important for when I need to take him out for breastfeeding, but then want him to snuggle back up in the carrier when he’s finished.  By leaving him wrapped up in the carrier insert we know that he remains cozy and comfortable the whole time and is therefore less likely to throw a fit about being moved.  Even better is that when we do slide him back into the ERGO, there isn’t any adjustments to be done to his immediate surroundings so he can stay asleep.

What else could a second time mom ask for?  Why, an ERGO carrier for their older child, of course.  In quite possibly the cutest example of big sister pride, our daughter now carries around her precious baby dolls in an ERGO just like mama.  Made with the same quality and specifications as our beloved ERGO but in a smaller size, the ERGO Doll Carrier is just about the cutest thing a babywearing mama can imagine. 

Large And, as it turns out, it is the cutest thing anyone we run into can imagine, because she certainly gets a lot of attention while wearing it.  Of course, this is the perfect thing for an older sibling because it helps spread out the attention between them and the new baby, thus making for less challenging days out.

This extra attention also goes a long way towards making the older child enjoy their new role as a big kid.  I found that it also had the added effect of making my daughter feel like she was helping us, which is a very big deal at our house and something that we really like to encourage. 

6a0105362badb1970b013488fceae5970c-200wi But, quite possibly the biggest benefit to the ERGO Doll Carrier and why I think that every new big sibling needs their own ERGO is that it makes it easier on us parents.  By allowing my daughter to bring along her beloved baby doll, she stays happy the entire time we are out and entertains herself for hours.  But, because the ERGO doll carrier is of course hands free, it also means that I don’t have to keep track of her doll, or worse, end up carrying them for her.  Now, that’s all a second-time mom could ask for!

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A big thank you to ERGObaby for providing the sample for review as well as offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I learned that the ERGObaby Carrier can be fit for both men and women–anyone between 5′ and 6’4″ tall! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. I learned that the ERGObaby carrier has gone through testing and is certified by the European testing agency TÜV since 2008, and by the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA), according to the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM), since 2008, and, most recently, has met all the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards mandated by Congress in 2008

  3. I learned that it has gone through rigorous safety testing and has been certified by the European testing agency TÜV since 2008, and has met all the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards mandated by Congress in 2008.

  4. Honestly, one of the reasons I didn’t try the ergo is because of the blah colours. I know that should be secondary to fit, comfort, ease of use, but it is a factor. I learned that they have a nice spring green in the performance model that I would consider!

  5. I learned that the proformance carrier has a breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable 🙂
    stevensc81 at yahoo dot com

  6. I learned I could still put my four year old daughter in our ergo – she weighs less then 40 pounds..
    She would love to use one of these for her doll and match mommy carrying her little brother.

  7. I learnt that the ERGObaby Carrier has gone through rigorous safety testing and has been certified by the European testing agency TÜV since 2008, and by the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA), according to the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM), since 2008, and, most recently, has met all the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards mandated by Congress in 2008. And it fits both men and women upto 6ft 4″

  8. I learned that the sport version is made out of different material than the original and performance versions. Thanks for the review and the giveaway! This is on my list of things for our baby coming in March!

  9. I found out that Ergo has several accessories to go with the adult version of the carrier such as teethers, coverups, and bags. I also found out that they are available at a local baby shop in my area called Baby Cotton Bottoms.

  10. I learned that the Ergo Baby Carrier evenly distributes the baby’s weight on the parent’s body.
    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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