Bodemi Superhero Cape and Mask – “I Am My Own Hero”

“Super Cute.  Superhero.” I dare you to find something cuter than a kid in a cape.  No, I Double Dog dare you.  There’s something pure and simple about a kid who really feels like he could save the world – the twinkle in their eye, the confident stance, an adorable cape.  Bodemi capes are perfect … Read more

Moonjar Moneybox and Financial Tools

Moonjar Kit It’s a sad day for Rave and Review; just today yet another of our favorite brands has called it quits in light of the bleak economy.  As much as it absolutely pains me to see any brands fail at all, it is especially hard when it is a small family-owned business, as that … Read more

Piggy Platter by Smarty Parents

Piggy Platter “Because we all know kids can be….messy” Not a Thanksgiving goes by where someone in the family doesn’t mention a specific incident involving my brother and a fort of mashed potatoes filled with gravy and the ultimate collapse of said fort walls as my brother began to eat.  Over 20 years ago, but … Read more