Bodemi Superhero Cape and Mask – “I Am My Own Hero”

“Super Cute.  Superhero.”

Cape2 I dare you to find something cuter than a kid in a cape.  No, I Double Dog dare you.  There’s something pure and simple about a kid who really feels like he could save the world – the twinkle in their eye, the confident stance, an adorable cape.  Bodemi capes are perfect for your not-so-average little one and are sure to inspire the Superhero in anyone – even a little boy who missed his naptime. 

When we were young, my siblings and I would tie blankets and towels around our shoulders and play Superhero all day long, only stopping for quick meals and then it was back to saving the world.  My sisters and I would have adored a real Superhero cape, but my brother, well, he needed a Superhero cape.  Outnumbered 4-to-1, my brother put up with all sorts of girliness from us, and in return, we would play Superhero with him.  But, really we were bit parts in saving the world, my brother was the real Superhero.  So, when I saw Bodemi capes earlier this year, I just knew that my brother’s son needed one.  And, oh boy, did he.   

Bodemi capes are leagues better than the low-cost and flimsy department store models and not even comparable to the blankets we used to tie on to save the world.  Bodemi’s “I Am My Own Hero” capes are 100% cotton and have quality construction throughout.  Fully customizable in your choice of 7 colors for the body of the cape, trim and the initial appliqué, you can quickly and easily create the perfect personalized and handmade cape for your little Superhero… without ever having to learn to sew.  The cape has a snap closure for safety and the flexible mask has an elastic strap that holds it securely on.  Best of all, the cape and mask can be thrown in the wash at the end of the day to clean up whatever the day’s activities brought on.    

H Super Boy 2 Small And, I guarantee that cape will see a lot of action.  Two minutes after opening the package, Super Boy was saving the world – starting with our family’s living room.  He saved baby from chewing on a slightly dirty shoe, rescued a rolling toy from under the couch and saved us all from collapsing in hunger by bringing snacks over to us at the table.  Call it child labor if you will, but if you saw his excited leaps and squeals, you wouldn’t be worried at all.  Not only did he willingly help out, he was actually thrilled to assist – providing I could think of something Super Boy would be saving if he did whatever task I dreamed up.  Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t think of one thing that could make dusting, sweeping or vacuuming Superhero agreeable. 

H Super Hero It’s unbelievably cute watching him spring to action when one of us laments that we could really use a Superhero and seeing the mask slide down over his eyes with an emphatic “yep” when we ask if anyone knows where we could find a Superhero this late at night.  Even cuter is the look on his face when he returns from his valiant adventure with baby’s lost sock in hand and his cape flapping behind him.  It’s almost as good as being a kid again and wearing that cape yourself.  Almost.

Price: $49

Looks: Super cute, which is perfect for your Superhero.

Overall: It’s hard to go wrong with customizable and personalized products.  But when that product is a Superhero cape, it’s a guaranteed hit. 

A big Super Sized thank you to Bodemi for introducing us to their line of handmade capes and masks!

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  1. He could rescue the couch from dust bunnies with a vacuum… just a thought for next time our hero is in town 🙂
    In fact I might feel better in a cape while I’m vacuuming. hmmm…


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