Topless Undershirt by Blush

For when you want the undershirt, but don't want the bulk.

When I was around 25 weeks pregnant I read about these new little maternity belly bands designed to prolong the wearability of non-maternity tops.  They work by adding extra fabric length to any top and are great for covering up any rubber-band-rigged jean buttons.  I promptly went out to the store to find them, prepared to love them as much as everyone else seemed to.  My very unpregnant sister went with me and was so excited about them, she wanted them for herself.  I tried one on in the store and was so thrilled I wore it out of the store, something I haven’t done since I was a kid.  But, three hours into wearing it my first day and I was ready to take it off and hand it to her.  It rode up, it bunched, and it never was where it was supposed to be.  It seems impossible, but whenever I wanted it up, it would fall down and whenever I wanted it down low, it would ride up.  It defies logic, but it’s true.

I wore the maternity belly bands whenever it was absolutely necessary during the rest of the pregnancy and then spent the rest of the day pulling it up or pulling it down, counting the hours until I could take it off.  However, once my belly got big enough, the band got useless and wouldn’t stay up for even a couple minutes standing still, let alone all day long and moving.  I retired it until I began breastfeeding and thought it might be useful for covering my belly as I fed baby or for shirts that were too short in the front thanks to my new nursing bust line.  The same issues I mentioned before still applied; big belly or no, the stretchy tube just wouldn’t stay where I needed it to. 

Black-lace-lg When I found Blush Topless Undershirts, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to try them out.  And once I did, I wondered where Blush had been during my whole pregnancy.  Blush Topless Undershirts are lightweight, super soft and feel good on, in addition to looking good.  But, the best part?  You don’t need to be pregnant to wear Blush Topless Undershirts, which is lucky for me and my still very unpregnant sister (and all of us, really).  Yep, you read that right, they’re not just for maternity wear! 

So what makes Blush Undershirts Different?  Instead of the stretchy tube design of other belly bands, the Topless Undershirt looks like a small a-line skirt made out of t-shirt material.  The top of the Blush Topless Undershirt has a completely sewn in and non-binding elastic that can be worn just under the bust line and then the Blush Undershirt wears like the bottom of an empire waist shirt – not too tight, not too loose.  Nothing clings, nothing rides, and it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.  It’s the kind of comfortable that you will want to wear everyday, and probably will.

The Blush Topless Undershirt is perfect for shirts that are a bit too short, for maternity sanity, or even for achieving the layered look without the added bulk.  I love my Blush for making any shirt a discrete nursing top and for adding a little flair to just about any outfit.  They come in 6 solid colors, two patterns and 4 lace trimmed designs that can go with virtually any outfit. 

White-lace Random Rave:  Blush Topless Undershirts come in a color coordinated, take-anywhere pouch that is useful for more than just carrying your Undershirt and can be repurposed for holding nursing covers, baby gear and more.  Mine holds my nursing cover in my overflowing purse and keeps everything tidy and clean.

R&R Tip: There are two tabs on the Blush website, one that says “Maternity” and the other is “For Everyone”, but there is only one line of Blush Topless Undershirts.  Refer to the sizing chart on their website to determine which size works best for those with baby and those without. 


Price: $15 for solid colors, $20 for patterns and lace trimmed.  I would recommend you get at least one neutral color (with lace or without) and then a fun bold color, or pattern to help spice up any bland nursing wear or regular t-shirt. 

Looks: Worn peeking out from under any shirt it looks just like an extra layer, only without the bulk. 

Overall:  I wish that I hadn’t wasted my money on all the over priced maternity bands, and instead bought the entire Blush collection for myself.

Thank you to Blush for sending their Topless Undershirt to be reviewed and saving one nursing mama's sanity in the process.

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