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Has your kid mastered the traditional scooter and needs a new challenge?  Are you looking for a more exciting and fun version of the classic kid’s toy?  Or are you twenty (something) and looking to hit the streets and have a blast with your kiddos?  Bravo Sports has your answer, and it comes in the form of the new
Pulse Slither Drift Scooter that is more fun than any other scooter I’ve ever tried.

The Pulse Slither is a three-wheeled scooter that moves unlike any other ride on toy I have ever seen.  Instead of the traditional two or four wheeled scooters that have delighted kids for generations, the Pulse Slither stands apart because of its unique three-wheeled movement.  Instead of having all fixed wheels as other scooters do, the Pulse Slither has two front wheels that are fixed and turn when you steer, and then one pivot-mounted caster wheel in the back.  It’s the back wheel that can swivel that makes the Pulse Slither so much fun, and what makes the scooter “slither” as you ride.

Instead of moving like a standard kick-scooter, that traditionally only moves in a straight line, the Pulse Slither can move by either pushing or riding the scooter like a snowboard or surfboard where twists and turns are executed by adjusting your weight distribution on the board.  This makes turns and tricks that much more fun and actually propels you forward with the scissor-like side to side motions.  When riding in a “slither” fashion, the twisting of your hips and the movement of your body leaning from side to side on the scooter deck is what causes the scooter to move in whatever direction you are steering into, and makes it so you don’t have to kick at all, or at least not as much.

Slither-DealershipWhen it first arrived, we put the Slither together by attaching the shaft and handlebars to the deck and then adding the caster wheel and two fixed wheels on the front by securing with screws (all tools included).  After it was assembled, Hubby and I had to try it first, because there’s no way we’re sending our family barreling down the street on a contraption we haven’t tested first.  Well, that and we were just dying to try it, so when it was finally assembled we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer.

Unlike the popular caster-wheeled skate decks that require a good deal of balance before you can even get going, the Pulse Slither was easy for all of us to ride immediately, but it did take a bit for us older folks to master.  The first Pulse Slither ride took a few rides to get used to, especially for me.  For the first run, I mostly rode it like a traditional kick scooter and raced it up and down the block having a blast.  Hubby was actually able to get up some speed and agility while slithering after mere seconds on the scooter, but he shared a few tips with me and soon I was doing a semi-decent slither myself.

Once you get moving, the motion of the Pulse Slither is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden.  With the spinning caster wheel in the back it makes it feel like you are riding on a fluid platform, able to carve turns with precision far superior to a regular wheeled scooter.  We found that while in a sweeping turn if you push a little harder out with your rear foot on the rear deck you can add rotation into the turn, a feeling much closer to snowboarding or surfing, and make your turns even sharper but still smooth.  Hubby also found that if you are steering into the side you are pushing off of, the Pulse can move in an almost sideways motion, moving broadside down the street.

For those worried parents out there, I found the Pulse Slither to be very easy to control and really secure, especially with the rubberized handle grips and the textured deck that really keeps your feet steady.  And best of all, you can actually adjust the tension on the rear caster wheel thereby dialing in the amount of sideways motion your child can muster. 

While the handle bars were admittedly way too short for my 6’3” hubby, he was still able to ride, but it did look a bit awkward.  I had much better luck getting comfortable on the deck, but even at 5’10”, I was pushing the max height by a bit myself.  I don’t think this would be a problem for most kiddos, especially the age group that the Pulse Slither appeals to most but I would eventually like to see a longer and more adjustable handle added to the long list of features, as it would be a lot of fun to take on family vacations and let everyone have some good clean fun.

SlitherSpecsG Slither Features
• REAR SWIVEL TRUCK – Adjust the tension to customize your ride
• OVERSIZED FRONT WHEELS – Big wheels up front maintain balance
• ANTI-SLIP DECK – Molded deck traction keeps your feet in place
• HIGH PERFORMANCE GRIPS – Knobbed hand grips enhance your control
• QUICK RELEASE NECK – Integrated folding mechanism
• HIGH QUALITY PARTS – High-tensile steel parts and components

The Pulse Slither Drift Scooter comes in two kid approved designs that are vibrant and in-molded so they won’t chip off or peel, the Electric Blue “Skull Wing” and the Toxic Green “Von Scroll.” No matter which design you choose, the Pulse Slither is sure to appeal to children (and parents) of all ages and all skill levels.

Price: $59.99 and available at numerous major retailers.


A huge thank you to Pulse Scooters for sending us their Slither Drift Scooter to review.  No type of monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review

18 thoughts on “Pulse Slither Drift Scooter”

  1. This is something that I will be seeking out for my son for Christmas this year. I loved the review and you pointed out the great things about it perfectly.

  2. AHhhaa! I like that the wheels are bigger and safer than other scooters. OUR kids have been through SOOooo many of the other scooter (and have scars to prove it!) We have a 4 year old grandaughter who will love to have this for her next birthday!
    BUT…I wouldnt put a 20 something age limit on this…I can see my 40 year old hubby taking a spin up the street on this! haha!
    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  3. I love that you wrote “Or are you twenty (something) and looking to hit the streets and have a blast with your kiddos?” LOL
    I would need to put training wheels on this before hitting the street but it looks AWESOME! Great review.

  4. I sent the link for the company to my sis-in-law. She has 4 active little ones. I like this. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the review.


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