Crystal Creatures mystery packs

Crystal Creatures deer

This week we happened upon Crystal Creatures from Mega Construx and I already knew we were done for. I mean, it’s mystical creatures that you BUILD and it has some sort of reference to crystals. My kids were so in. So, I let the kids each pick out a mystery egg, and then a bonus extra one for when we inevitably ended up with a duplicate. Mom of the Year, right?

Add a tent to your trampoline for next level fun

AlleyOop Sports Tent

I think I’ve finally outdone myself with the addition of the AlleyOOP Outback Trampoline Tent to our JumpSport Elite Trampoline. The kids have had so much fun bouncing in and around the AlleyOOP tent for hours, playing all sorts of games, and now are so excited to take their trampoline camping to the next level thanks to this awesome tent that gives all the fun of trampoline sleeping, without all the bugs.

Retro fun with the new American Girl Lanes

Bowling Alley with Kids 2 RR

The new American Girl Lanes Bowling Alley is simply good old fashioned fun with a high-tech twist. We’ve gone absolutely crazy for this *fully functional* doll-sized bowling alley this summer and the kids have spent so may hours playing – with or without their American Girl dolls.

Let Blipbox by Playtime Engineering inspire your own little DJ

Blipblox playing sisters

The Blipblox by Playtime Engineering is a fully functional synthesizer designed for kids {and kids at heart} that allows little ones as young as 3 to create new and exciting sounds without the complexity and fragility of a traditional synthesizer. The Blipblox instead makes synthesizers fun, easy, and safe for all ages, inspiring them to create music without all the rules.

Summertime magic with Creativity for Kids

Magic bean plant with kids

If I was giving this summer a name, it would most definitely be the summer of magic. All things Harry Potter are huge in our house, the kids spend their time creating magic potions, and everything we do is looked at through a lens of magic. It makes perfect sense that the kids should also be growing their own magic beans and creating a magic unicorn land with the help of Faber-Castell, right?

Slime-making fun with WeCool

Glitzi slime stretching

When the slime craze first started, I had no idea how big it would get. I guess I assumed that once everyone had made slime a few times, it would lose its novelty. Oh boy, was I wrong. This is the look I got when we tried out some slime-making fun with WeCool.   The … Read more

Parents: get in on the fun with the Swagtron K8 Titan kick scooter

Swagtron riding

Not just another kids’ ride, the K8 from Swagtron was built to withstand grownup weight and accommodate grownup heights. No longer do we need to take turns or throw out our backs scooting about the neighborhood, because the K8 gives me my own lightweight and foldable scooter with adult-sized adjustments that has all the bells and whistles that I could have ever asked for.

The perfect first gift with Corolle dolls

Corolle girls 2

We’re so excited to celebrate Corolle’s 40th birthday this year, especially since many of those years I’ve personally shared in the Corolle love. We’re officially a second-generation Corolle family, sharing the sweet vanilla scented love of their adorable baby dolls and fun accessories for all ages and stages.  

Here comes the Easter bunny with the Steiff Candy Rabbit

Bunny Ear Steiff

We fell in love with Steiff while expecting our first, and the first thing we bought for her was a special Steiff bear. That special bear has now been joined by dozens of friends on her shelf, and it’s one of our favorite things to collect as a family. I love that each animal or piece is representative of a certain season or specific time, and the newest Candy Rabbit from Steiff is sure to become a beloved friend as well.

American Girl introduces Blaire Wilson

American Girl Blaire with kiddo

Every family wants that idyllic childhood for their kids. One that encourages togetherness, fosters wholesome family values, and allows for their kids to just be kids. American Girl is hands-down one of our very favorite brands for this very reason. Their newest Girl of The Year, Blaire Wilson, focuses on making connections and shows that the value of good old-fashioned friendships is the most important.