PLAYMOBIL advent calendars

We received one of these PLAYMOBIL advent calendars for review and we purchased the other sets ourselves. It’s just part of our PLAYMOBIL obsession.

By now you know that we’re PLAYMOBIL mega fans and have been for more than two decades. So, it won’t come as a surprise that our kids convinced us to do the new PLAYMOBIL advent calendars for the holiday season.

Whereas other years gave us two or three advent calendar options, this year my kids were like kids in a candy store when they saw all the amazing new advent options. We’re talking horse sets, Santa sets, sets that double as dollhouses, even sets based off of iconic movies and jumbo ones that include awesome play sets.

I mean, *I* was crazy excited when I saw them at Sweet Suite this summer, and I had already decided we would be getting the three kids each their own calendar this year.

Our PLAYMOBIL advent calendars

Christmas Toy Store PLAYMOBIL advent calendars:

We chose the Christmas Toy Store for the little one for a few reasons, but mostly because she knows the magic of toy stores. As much as she loves everything she’s opened so far, she’s going to lose her mind when she opens up the mini PLAYMOBIL doll toy that comes in the set. She tried to talk me into a $50 set this summer because it had that accessory in it, but we just didn’t need the rest of the set so I couldn’t justify it.

She loves the cardboard cutout that you can pop together to create the “store” and it includes all the Christmas magic you’d expect. She’s only on day three, but already each piece is beloved and has been added to her massive collection of PLAYMOBIL toys she plays with each day.

Jumbo Advent Calendar – Stunt Show

My son originally asked for the Novelmore Advent Calendar, but it was out of stock when we went to order and he ended up talking us into the much larger Stunt Show set instead. I can’t say that I mind – the set is going to be played with a ton and the fact that it includes an entire semi truck is really, really awesome.

He’s not a casual PLAYMOBIL fan, and this is no casual advent calendar. This set is for those that love PLAYMOBIL with a passion, and that describes him to a T. He is so crazy excited that he counts down the hours until he can open a new piece that he can build and play with, and I love that he’s playing with the semi truck {you open that first} with all of his PLAYMOBIL land while he waits to unbox the entire advent calendar.

Back to the Future Advent Calendar from PLAYMOBIL

This one was entirely my husband. Since our oldest is doing a homemade advent calendar, the Back to the Future Advent Calendar has been declared his and no one is allowed to touch it. Okay, so he’s not that strict with it, but he has made it clear that it will go with his PLAYMOBIL DeLorean on display after Christmas.

In the meantime, my son has been playing with the street light that came with the set for his semi truck scene, and my daughter has set up many Back to the Future scenes on the cardboard cut out. I must admit, the set is adorable, and it will look pretty amazing displayed in our movie room. Our favorite thing so far? A PLAYMOBIL picture where the characters “disappear” if you hold it at certain angles. My husband has declared it “his most prized possession” and hasn’t let anyone near it after we all got to try it out once.

Why PLAYMOBIL for Christmas

We love PLAYMOBIL advent calendars because they aren’t just fun to open and display for a few weeks – everything in the sets will be played with all year long. As you know, my kids have an entire PLAYMOBIL play loft and display shelf, and it’s the number one thing they play with each week.

Yes, it can be pricey to get PLAYMOBIL new, but it’s more than worth it in terms of play value and bonding for our kiddos. They can play together for hours and hours with a small PLAYMOBIL set, and when you give them an entire PLAYMOBIL world you basically have to bribe them to ever come out.

The memories they are going to have playing PLAYMOBIL together are going to be their fondest of childhood, and they appreciate each and every set we’ve ever purchased. In PLAYMOBIL, you are only limited by your imagination and my kids have imagination to spare.  

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