Dr STEM creative learning toys

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We are really picky about our toys here. After 13 years of reviewing toys and games of all kinds, we’ve seen a lot. But, every now and then a brand comes along and surprises us with something new, something exciting.

Sometimes that something “new” is not new at all, it’s just a return to what toys used to be: screen-free, creative, learning tools that can help kids learn how to navigate the world ahead. Dr STEM is one of those brands.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

Their mission is to make truly awesome toys that will teach, entertain, and inspire. Sometimes that involves a little tech, but other times, it’s just good old fashioned creativity that makes their toys amazing. We got to try out two items from Dr STEM this year, and we are now big fans of Dr STEM creative learning toys.

Dr STEM Creative Learning Toys

Play Teacher Set from Dr STEM

This year I have a kindergartener, and she sadly hasn’t set foot inside an elementary school classroom this year. That means her teacher is on zoom and I’m supplementing wherever I can so she doesn’t miss an entire year of education.

I won’t lie to you: it’s rough. Since she doesn’t know the ins and outs of school, she oftentimes finds herself lost. She also can’t read beyond sight words, so she needs so much help to just stay afloat in this faux school environment.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

But, everyone that knows her isn’t surprised at all that she’s taking it in stride. She’s excelling at this mess we’ve been handed, and she’s doing it all with a smile. But, as much as she’s thriving, I know what she’s missing and it breaks my heart.

Luckily, I have two older kids who love to indulge all her whims. They love playing “school” with her and teaching her all about a real classroom, and they lost their minds when a package containing a Play Teacher Set from Dr STEM arrived. The set is full of school necessities and it makes our classroom that much more fun and exciting.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

The Play Teacher Set from Dr STEM includes everything you need to play school. Call the class to order, take attendance, write on the board, ring the bell, hand out grade cards, and much more. Kit includes a desk blotter, USA map, bell, flag, pointer, write and wipe board, eraser, attendance list, name card, play clock, certificates and more.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

When her siblings are busy and can’t play school with her, she’s been loving playing teacher with her dolls. She sets them up for school, teaches them whatever lesson she mastered that morning, and then celebrates their accomplishments just like a proud teacher would.

Talking ATM Machine

As soon as we saw the Talking ATM machine, my daughters decided their brother needed it for Christmas. He’s the saver of the family and can tell you exactly how much he has saved, how much more he needs for whatever he’s dreaming up, and how much he’s keeping saved for his next project.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

Up until now, that money saved has been in a box in his room. Of course, it works just fine, but it’s not very fun, right? It’s also not very practical because it has almost gotten tossed a few times because it doesn’t look all that important and his mama hates clutter {guilty}.

But, now my little money-watcher can learn all about currency with the Talking ATM Machine when he opens it on Christmas morning. And, let me tell you, his mind is going to be blown.

Dr STEM creative learning toys

The Talking ATM Machine works with real US bills and coins, counting the money you deposit and withdraw so it always knows your balance. The large LCD screen shows you what’s coming or going, and it also talks to help kids better understand the process.

To use it, you simply roll bills into the feeder with the twist knob or insert coins. With it, kids will learn the value of a dollar and cents, and how they add up to tell you just how much you have saved up. It also includes a combination lock on the vault door that keeps your money safe.

But, the best part? It comes with a special debit card that acts as a key to withdraw money whenever you would like. I know this is going to be my son’s very favorite part and he’s going to love having a debit card just like the grown-ups. My hope is that in addition to loving the new safe features and accessories, he will also enjoy watching the balance grow with each deposit.

To buy Dr STEM creative learning toys

You can buy their unique toys at ThinAirBrands, as well as in select retailers nationwide. If you are thinking about a toy or two, I urge you to buy it soon as most of their line is on sale and will get there in time for Christmas.

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