Chariot SideCarrier Bicycle Trailer – Enter to Win $1,500 Prize Pack

I am scared to death of motorcycles, but if someone offered me a ride in their motorcycle sidecar, I would take them up on it without hesitation. There is something incredibly cool about sidecars and we all know that coolness always trumps fear.  When I found Chariot Bicycle Carriers made a SideCarrier for bicycles similar … Read more

Modular Hauler Deluxe by Mountainsmith

Travel, organized Travel season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m dreaming of the open road and planning all sorts of fun adventures for the family.  Now, all I have to do is figure out how to get me, hubby, baby and gear to all of our exciting destinations.  Lucky for me, … Read more

Wet Sack by Generation Baby

It’s finally beach season here in the Northwest and oh boy are we excited since we’re surrounded by miles and miles of coastline that’s only good for skipping stones most of the year.  This long overdue heat means that everyone is flocking to the water park, coastline, or swimming pool to cool off and enjoy … Read more

Nutcase Helmets and Little Nutty Helmets Review

Little Nutty, Lotta Safe If you were to guess what my least favorite thing about biking would be, what would you guess?  No, it’s not spandex, there’s no law forcing me to wear that.  What I really, really dislike are the helmets.  I’m sure we can all agree that no one likes wearing helmets.  We … Read more

Julbo Sunglasses for Hiking, Biking and More

For a more beautiful and active world   Have you ever put on a pair of sunglasses and the world just looked better?  The grass was greener, the sky was more blue, and everything was more vibrant and saturated.  That is the Julbo trademark and why I am raving about their full line of active … Read more

Julbo Looping Sunglasses for Infants and Toddlers

Recommended for all babies 0 – 18 months When I first found out I was pregnant, hubby wanted to buy our little offspring a pair of these ingenious little Looping Sunglasses for kids.  I left him alone at an REI for a little over a half hour and when I returned, these Julbos were one of three … Read more

Betty Basket Liners – The Perfect Bicycle Accessory

“Every Bike Needs a Basket and Every Basket Needs a Betty” Everyone knows that a cruiser bicycle needs a basket, if not for function, than for looks alone.  What most people don’t understand is that every bike basket needs a Betty.  The math is simple: bicycle (basket + adorable liner + tote bag at your … Read more

Electra Townie 21 C / 24D 700C Bicycle

Four years ago no one would have ever believed that I would ever write a love letter to my bicycle. Sure, I had a bike, but I hadn’t ridden it for years. Whenever hubby would suggest a bike ride, I would find some excuse for us to postpone it. I mean, why ride when I could just drive there? I hated the hassles, I hated the sore tailbone, and most of all I hated the Spandex. But, then against all odds, the Electra Bike Company made a biker out of me.

Muddy Buddy by Tuffo

“For when your little buddy is, you guessed it, muddy”   April showers bring May flowers, but those showers also bring puddles.  Lots and lots of puddles that are just begging to be jumped in, stomped on and splashed through.  If you have a little puddle jumper, you need a Muddy Buddy to get you … Read more

SleepyWrap Baby Carrier

“A Snuggly Sleep Solution” I would have never, ever figured out how to use the SleepyWrap without the instructions.  So, even though it just about killed me, I didn’t even try my normal first use without reading approach.  I read up on the instructions on the way to our destination and by the time we … Read more