Electra Townie 21 C / 24D 700C Bicycle

Four years ago no one would have ever believed that I would ever write a love letter to my bicycle. Sure, I had a bike, but I hadn’t ridden it for years. Whenever hubby would suggest a bike ride, I would find some excuse for us to postpone it. I mean, why ride when I could just drive there? I hated the hassles, I hated the sore tailbone, and most of all I hated the Spandex. But, then against all odds, the Electra Bike Company made a biker out of me.

Muddy Buddy by Tuffo

“For when your little buddy is, you guessed it, muddy”   April showers bring May flowers, but those showers also bring puddles.  Lots and lots of puddles that are just begging to be jumped in, stomped on and splashed through.  If you have a little puddle jumper, you need a Muddy Buddy to get you … Read more

SleepyWrap Baby Carrier

“A Snuggly Sleep Solution” I would have never, ever figured out how to use the SleepyWrap without the instructions.  So, even though it just about killed me, I didn’t even try my normal first use without reading approach.  I read up on the instructions on the way to our destination and by the time we … Read more