Electra Townie 21 C / 24D 700C Bicycle

No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review. I just love my bike *that much*


Four years ago no one would have ever believed that I would ever write a love letter to my bicycle. Sure, I had a bike, but I hadn’t ridden it for years. Whenever hubby would suggest a bike ride, I would find some excuse for us to postpone it. I mean, why ride when I could just drive there? I hated the hassles, I hated the sore tailbone, and most of all I hated the Spandex. But, then against all odds, the Electra Bike Company made a biker out of me. 

“Biking… hold the Spandex” 

Whoa, whoa… not that kind of biker.  I still hate Spandex, I don’t understand how anyone puts up with a sore tailbone, and really, does anyone like hassles?  Electra Bicycles understands that biking for pleasure should be pleasurable and biking for function shouldn’t just be about functionality.  A cross between a hard-working street bike and a lazy Sunday cruiser, the Electra Townie 700c completely understands that beauty sometimes needs a little brawn and vice versa.     

Electra Townie Euro 24D Step-Through Women's Bike - 2009 

When I had finally convinced myself that I did, indeed, need a new bike, I had a list of attributes my new bike had to possess. I was fairly certain I was going to have to compromise on at least half of it, as I was pretty much looking for a couch on wheels, but I didn’t care. My list included gems such as “flip flop friendly” and “like my grandma used to ride” along with other slightly more technical requirements such as handlebar brakes, and uber padded gel saddle seat, and a sporty set of rims. 

But I did it – I found a bicycle that involved no compromises at all, in fact it even included features I didn’t even know I wanted, like Flat Foot Technology. One of my biggest requirements was one that everyone tried to talk me out of: the ability to ride while wearing a skirt. Since I wear dresses and skirts all summer, it really seemed silly to have to change my clothes into bike able clothing before I could ride anywhere, which is what ended up happening when I rode a bike with a high frame you had to swing your leg over to mount. Imagine how little you would drive your car if every time you drove it, you had to change into a “car outfit”.  A simple task like running to the store would be an ordeal, and you would probably do a lot more walking.  The Electra’s extra tall step-through frame allows us ladies to dress as such while cruising around town and running errands, all without compromising on style.   

So, what is Flat Foot Technology?  Think of it as a slightly recumbent bicycle, where the pedals are forward of the seatpost.  So instead of leaning forward you sit more upright, if not a little laid back – as in super relaxed. And best of all, when you come to a stop you don’t need to teeter on your toes, you can actually stay on the seat and have your feet flat on the ground, hence making it flip flop friendly.  Check out the awesome graphics on Electra’s website that shows what Flat Foot Technology is all about, in a technical sense http://www.electrabike.com/home.php

And for those who prefer facts, here are the stats on the Electra Townie 24D (my bike’s newer and extra-speed touting cousin that has, sadly, replaced my bike for good):




6061 Aluminum


Hi-Ten Steel Unicrown


Forged Alloy, 48/38/28

Bottom bracket

Sealed cartridge


Shimano Rapidfire Plus

Front derailleur

Shimano C051

Rear derailleur

Shimano Alivio

Rear cogs

Shimano HG-40 11-34, 8-speed



Brake levers

Shimano EF-50 Alloy



Front hub

Shimano Dynamo Generator, 32h

Rear hub

Alloy, 32h


City Tires 700 x 38




Alloy adjustable

Seat post

Alloy Micro Adjust pillar


Ergonomic with elastomer bumpers


Alloy platform


1-1/8” threaded steel

190052_rearWhat I’m Raving About: 

  • The beach cruiser good looks. 
  • Supreme comfort for long rides and serious errands. 
  • Flat-Foot Technology makes any shoe a biking shoe.
  • An upright ride allows you to sit tall without leaning forward over the handlebars, making it very low impact on your back, shoulders, arms and wrists.
  • Riding position feels more stable and secure than traditional street bikes and mountain bikes, even when fully loaded down with Electra accessories.

Which leads me to my next rave – as if their bikes aren’t cool enough, Electra makes a whole slew of accessories for their bikes so you can customize your ride – not that there’s any fear of mistaking it for someone else’s.  A note of caution: the vast majority of the accessories are for a specific body frame, so the bike rack you fall in love with may not be compatible with your bike.  The 700c tires prevented me from customizing exactly the way that I would like, but mine’s still a work in progress.

What I am dismayed about:

  • Electra no longer makes this bike.  I’m sure the newer one is just fine – but it’s just not my bike.
  • The accessories I covet are not made for my specific bike, leaving me drooling all over accessories I don’t end up buying.  My apologies to anyone shopping after me.

Townie_3_LI_Blue_Paint_Poem_DetailClearly, I am under the Electra spell.  Having my Electra has been the fuse that lit my entire family’s interest in biking and made me agree to things I would have considered crazy before, like entire days spent in its saddle and long rides just for the sake of riding. We are now officially a biking family and you will see us all over the Seattle Metro area testing our tread along the bike paths as well as hauling our groceries home from the store. Crazy? Possibly. But at least we are all crazy as a family.  


Price: $500 – $700.  Find them on sale at REI.com for a limited time

Looks:  California cruising – even if it’s only to the store and back.

Overall:  Most bikes are basic forms of transportation, but Electra Townies are bicycles; beautiful works of art that are fun to ride and have a personality all their own.  They get you where you’re going, but the difference is that while getting there, you’re rolling in style.   

Rave Reactions – Are you an avid biker, a comfort cruiser, or have you not sat on a bike saddle in years? What features on a bicycle would get you to ride more?

12 thoughts on “Electra Townie 21 C / 24D 700C Bicycle”

  1. I have a Townie too, and I love my bike!! It is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for my beachside neighborhood.

  2. I have been looking everywhere for a cruiser and was about to buy a Schwinn – and now I’m so glad I didn’t!

  3. It’s good to hear more people who feel like I do, my Townie is by far the most comfortable bike ever! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  4. I went an test rode a Townie last night and I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. I’m seriously buying this bike!

  5. I have a Townie and I just LOVE it. It’s the cutest thing. I live in the mountains in a ski town with a river that runs through it. I use my bike to ride along the river trail, go to the library, to the farmer’s market. Love it.

  6. I love my Townie, my beautiful bike is a champagne color and is a Townie 21. I have had it for almost two years now and would never ride anything else. I love the seat, it is so comfortable, no sore spots. My 11 year old daughter was in serious “covet mode” and always wants to ride my bike.
    Today we bought her b-day present early and let her choose a bike, she choose a Townie. Her’s is leaf green – gorgeous!
    I don’t regret paying the extra because biking as a family has not been fun in the past. My husband and I would be cruising along comfortably and she would be complaining of sore knees and hurting everywhere. So we traded in her old bike (which was like new) and now we are a Townie family. I know what you mean about loving the accessories, unfortunately the bike stores don’t always carry the trendy stuff. I have lived without fenders for a while and am going to get some – straight black. I have a lovely little combination metal/wicker basket on the front. It looks so cute.
    Everyone comments on our bikes when we are out. I love my Townie! It is easy on my back and neck, which I wrecked in a car accident. These bikes are fun and just plain cool.
    Finally a bike built for women!

  7. I have a mongoose, i like sporting bike, and i like to ride standing up, and i think you are about being comfortable when you are riding, that is one of the top priorities to consider before buying a bike.

  8. I have an Electra Amsterdam “Yellow Tulips” and I am unabashedly in love with her. I feel like a kid again when I’m riding “Lina”. Her name means pure in Dutch…and, she’s pure joy!

  9. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!


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