Nutcase Helmets and Little Nutty Helmets Review

Little Nutty, Lotta Safe

If you were to guess what my least favorite thing about biking would be, what would you guess?  No, it’s not spandex, there’s no law forcing me to wear that.  What I really, really dislike are the helmets.  I’m sure we can all agree that no one likes wearing helmets.  We do it because it’s safe, it’s the law, and most of all, we do it because we would never, ever let our kids go without and we feel we should set a good example… at least in one aspect of parenting. 

Yhst-15098436415377_2053_10779235 When we found Nutcase Helmets, we were so excited that we had finally found a full line of helmets that fit the entire family – in personality and in size.  Nutcase Helmet’s mission is simple: bringing personality (and tons of it, at that) to street, snow and wheeled sports of all kinds.  Sure, they have your traditional styles and basic colored helmets available, but what makes Nutcase Helmets so cool is that they have so many other options available as well.  They have by far the most extensive selection of designs and patterns I have seen in any helmet line, making it easy to find one that fits your entire family’s style and individuality.

When I was shopping for helmets a few years back, I made hubby go to 6 different stores looking for one that wasn’t bright red, severely pointed (either front or back) or uncomfortable.  Notice comfort was last on my list, because I really wasn’t expecting much comfort to be found in a hard plastic and dense foam hat.  I finally found the most basic helmet on the market – plain black and boring and completely mismatched with my bike.  My beautiful and adorable bike that has personality to spare was being brought down by a black monstrosity that was just as uncomfortable as I had imagined it would be.

Yhst-15098436415377_2053_8989576 Enter Nutcase Helmets, here to save my bike from black and boringness and make wearing a helmet fun while still being functional.  Their helmets come in a full range of styles and colors, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect match for everyone in your family.  And best of all, after you fall in love with the looks, you will be absolutely elated by the level of comfort.  On the larger helmets this comfort is provided by the included extra pieces of foam liner in varying thicknesses that allow you to fine tune the fit to make it just right. And on the Little Nutty line of helmets, there is the Spin Dial System which allows you to dial in the perfect size as your child grows.  Even our littlest reviewers kept their helmets on without complaints, which is a far cry from the ear splitting screaming that followed our helmet shopping excursion just weeks earlier.  Better yet, the kids wanted to wear the helmets after seeing us in ours.  Parents, rejoice! 

Nutcase Helmets has a broad range of designs that can please everyone from a 3 year old to the pickiest teen.  From bright and colorful to demure solid colors, you are sure to find a helmet that fits everyone’s personality and matches their set of wheels or sport.  They have retro style patterns, tough looking decals, and the most adorable floral patterns that a baby (or mama) could ever find. 

CIMG5605 Random Rave:  There are zero pointy ends on any of the Nutcase designs, which serves two purposes.  1) They are far more stylish than their supremely aerodynamic counterparts and 2) The flat design allows kids to rest their heads comfortably against bike trailers and toddler seats without having to hold their head at an awkward angle to keep it upright.  In fact, one of the quickest ways to get kids to sleep is to pop a Nutcase Helmet on them and ride. 

Random Rave #2: A Multi-Sport Helmet means that you don’t need to purchase and store multiple helmets for your entire family.  Good for bicycling, skateboarding, scooter and in-line or quad skaters, Nutcase Helmets cover just about any wheeled sport your kids can take up.

Price: $45 – $50 in the Nutcase Website Online Store, as well as available at numerous local retailers near you

Looks: Unique and original designs for you and all your little noggins.

Overall: Bringing style and comfort to little Nutcases of all ages. 


6 thoughts on “Nutcase Helmets and Little Nutty Helmets Review”

  1. Those are so cool! I want one for sure. I just don’t know if I should get a bike first or worry about that later 🙂

  2. Nice to see the helmet on the child. Above helmet is really looking good. However these Helmet should be more safety. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You write about Multi Sport Helmets but is a multisport helmet not supposed to be realy multisport? A helmet you can use for skating, cycling and other wheel based activities is not a multi sport helmet for me!
    Such a multi sport helmet has to be suitable for skiing and snowboarding as well to be a real multi sport helmet. Bern already has such helmets in their product range and I hope that Nutcase will bring someting similar on the market soon.


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