High Sierra Sport Luggage

Traveling as a family is something that is extremely important to me and something I hope we can continue to do more as our family grows.  Unfortunately, traveling with kids and all their gear is sometimes difficult, especially when we are going somewhere that relies heavily on a public transportation system.  When we are going … Read more

Basil Stylish Bicycle Bags

If you’ve ever done a search for bicycle pannier bags you know how limited the selection is.  If you’ve got a cruiser bicycle or a bike that requires a bit more style and sophistication than the sporty selections available at most bike shops, I am going to save you a few hours of research and … Read more

Therm-a-Rest Mattresses and Accessories

For many people, camping is a solitary activity, a way to get away from everything and clear your mind while out by yourself.  I have always felt just the opposite, that camping is much better if you include good friends.  I found that by getting rid of all the distractions of city life, you end … Read more

Stonz Wear Booties for Your Little Explorer {PTPA Winner}

  What do all these images have in common?  Besides being absolutely adorable and making me wish I was babywearing right this second, there is one common theme in all of these pictures: exposed baby legs.  For those of you not blessed with year-round sunshine, you will be happy to note that there is a … Read more

prAna Clothing for All Seasons

In my quest for warm clothes this past January, I remembered a brand I had seen while hubby was browsing one of the {many} local outdoors shops we frequent. Normally, I don’t do much shopping for me in those kinds of stores, with the exception of the stray water bottles or specific biking gear, but … Read more

Hard Tail Rolldown Yoga Pant

It’s New Years resolution time again, and it’s time to break out the exercise gear to help you follow through on your 2010 goals.  Since my goal is to get back into my pre-baby shape, I thought a new exercise outfit would be just the thing to get me working out consistently again and actually … Read more

Find A Whole Family of Footwear with Teva

Teva is a company that’s well known for their years of expertise and innovation in the world of sandals, but most people don’t realize that Teva also offers a full line of shoes and boots as well.  Not only do they have a whole lot more than sandals, they have some of the cutest and … Read more

All Weather “B Blanket”

We love our WooBee!  As soon as the temperature outside dips below 65, we go straight for the WooBee Blanket for bundling our babe.  We love it so much that it has continent hopped with us twice in the past year, first to Spain and then to Morocco as well as covering quite a bit … Read more

Bones Bicycle Rack by Saris Cycling Group

When my wife and I first got our bicycles, we had a lot of our friends laughing at us.  Not for the fact that we were riding, but because our bikes were so different.  She on her Electra Townie, and me on my full suspension mountain bike, we definitely turned a few heads.  After a … Read more

MSR Mutha Hubba HP Tent

Every year around this time I can’t help but wonder where summer went.  It always seems like I had this great list of activities I was going to do; I had all these plans to get outside more and make the best of the good weather that never came to be. Now as fall is … Read more