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Teva is a company that’s well known for their years of expertise and innovation in the world of sandals, but most people don’t realize that Teva also offers a full line of shoes and boots as well.  Not only do they have a whole lot more than sandals, they have some of the cutest and most comfortable footwear anywhere. 

Seriously, anyone that can make a chunk of rubber and some nylon straps instantly synonymous with comfort and leisure is bound to make waves in footwear, and Teva’s new offerings definitely do not disappoint.  From flats to sports shoes and then to boots, they have a full line of footwear that I would love to own.

Here’s some reasons to check out Teva for your family’s footwear:

They make really cute shoes!

4009-STNG_175My first experience with Teva shoes came when hubby won a pair of sport Tevas in the Volkswagen booth at Sundance years ago.  They were a hybrid mix of shoe and sandal that hubby lovingly refers to as “water shoes”, but look absolutely nothing like what you’re picturing.  Not related to Aquasocks in any way except the fact that they both can go in water, these shoes look more like sports sneakers or running shoes, only are more lightweight and have mesh on both sides.  I honestly had no idea that they were water safe until months later when I saw hubby wear them in both water and on land on a family vacation.

4028-GNSM_175 But, not all their shoes are water-dwellers.  They make leather shoes, canvas shoes, suede and more that can go from beach to city to country road and then back.  I was lucky enough to test out the Teva Ventura Mary Jane in Suede and try the shoes that are being hailed as the travel shoe for women.  Because of their amazing feather-light cork wrapped EVA soles, these little mary janes are extremely lightweight and comfortable, making them the perfect shoes for both dressy and casual. 

Teva_w_ventura_mj_oil When I travel, I tend to wear mostly skirts and jeans, since I find that I can dress those either up or down depending on what activities we’re doing, so I absolutely love the Ventura Mary Janes by Teva that can go with both, which means that I can pack less footwear for our excursion.  Extra room in the suitcase, of course, means more room for souvenirs on the way home. 

They make boots!

4104-BOU_175 Awesome boots, the kind that hubby has been asking for, no, begging for, for quite some time now.  Under their Teva Terrain line they have utilized a new waterproof fabric called eVent that is even better than Goretex.  Most waterproof footwear is designed to keep water from entering the shoe, but also keeps your foot from breathing, which makes your feet feel sweaty and cold when you’re really working.  EVent actually allows your foot to breathe and allows sweat to evaporate while you work out, making the boot much more comfortable for long distance and in hot weather. 

I am not a boot expert; in fact, I know pretty much nothing about boots.  But, I do know comfortable shoes.  And Teva makes boots that feel like comfortable shoes.  Really comfortable boots that make you forget they are boots at all.  The kind that of boots you can wear all day without having cold, sweaty feet by the time the sun goes down, and aren't dreading putting them on the next day.  And that, my readers, is why hubby could not be more disappointed that Santa didn’t leave him a pair of Teva eVent shoes under the tree this year. 

They make baby shoes!  Or, rather, they make baby, toddler and kids sized shoes, sandals and boots to get your little one ready for any outdoor adventure.  They are 80x cuter than the adult versions and available from infant all the way to adult sizes in some of the cutest and most popular styles.  We found a pair at our local consignment shop this past summer and they are some of our daughter’s favorite shoes.  Even now that it’s winter, she still wears her Teva Hurricanes around the house during the day. 

6119-PTRB_175t And of course, they have sandals!  Around 5 months along in my pregnancy, I found that my feet were so swollen that I could only wear flips flops.  So what flip flops did I choose to spend the next 5 + months in?  That would be the Mush flip flops by Teva that are the world’s most comfortable sandals. 

What originally sold me on the Mush flip flops was the fact that the sandal is extremely lightweight and moves with your foot comfortably with each step.  Don’t mistake lightweight for light on comfort; the Teva footbed may be less than an inch thick, but still completely cushions your foot with its dense foam sole.  This little flip flop may not be the most elegant sandal you’ve ever seen, but the fact that it contours around your foot and absorbs shock makes it well worth the under $20 price tag. 

In fact, when I was choosing a walking sandal for our fast-paced Europe trip, 2 pairs of the Mush sandals made it into my meager amount of luggage brought with me from the states.  One pair was horribly trashed when we got home and has since become my “lake shoes”, but the other pair is still going strong, over 3 years after I purchased them and wore them exclusively for almost a year.  

4027-JTBK_175 If you’re looking for some comfortable and go-anywhere footwear, you should definitely check out Teva’s line of shoes and boots and pick up a pair for everyone in your family.  While hubby pines for the Riva eVent, the Montecito is top of my list.  Our daughter just wants the weather the warm up so she can get some more action in her Hurricane sandals before she grows out of them for good!




A huge thank you to Teva for sending me the most comfortable travel shoes ever.  No type of monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review.

13 thoughts on “Find A Whole Family of Footwear with Teva”

  1. Our family is also a Teva family. I think this coming summer my 2 year old will be old enough to get his first pair. I love my sandals, but love the product pics you posted. I might need a pair of those Mary Jane’s in Suede!

  2. How did you get that little girl to model her shoes for you? 😉 When I see that picture I keep thinking the caption should be “shoes?” (said in her tiny sweet voice). How cute.

  3. I have been guilty of chosing fashion over function when it comes to my shoes ..especially boots but those Teva boots you have pictured above may just bring me back to the light!

  4. I love my Tevas. I’ve been wearing there for years and they last forever, are confortable and are really high quality.

  5. I have heard of the Teva sandals too…but not infant or kids and for SURE not boots…they are CUTE!!
    THose cute little Ominous open sneaks would look cute on a sweet little godchild! THANKS for showing us! Gotta tell my oldest daughter…she would be in shoe heaven!
    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  6. I can confirm that these shoes are super comfortable!
    I have never purchased them for my toddler though – but it is a good idea! Thanks!
    Jill Kathan

  7. i really like the look of these shoes. i was trying to see if they had a vegan line, but i didn’t find one. Most stated they were leather. i’m going to browse again later, as i’ve heard really good things about Teva! Thanks for the review!

  8. From my experience it’s much easier to have a baby wear a sandal than make them wear his closed shoes. It really feels like walking barefoot. And in some places it’s considered as fashionable


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