Where we were: Country Village in Bothell, WA

Country Village puppy

Have you been to Country Village in Bothell, WA? I grew up going to Country Village with my mom and my aunts, and I have vivid memories of going to Harvest parties each fall and watching Santa ride in each winter. My favorite store there closed years ago when the owners retired, but there are … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: American Girls

It was a momentous occasion: the first American Girl matching shirts, ever. We bought these over a year ago a few months after Kit’s new “meet” outfit was released and then this shirt arrived in the Seattle store. Those who know me know that I would not be able to pass a shirt with a … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: shopping shoes

Salt Water Girls for blog

You may have noticed how my girls and I almost always wear our Salt Water Sandals throughout the spring, summer, and fall. My oldest has gone through so many pairs of these throughout the years and we just keep buying her the next size up, but this spring the little one and I decided we … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: back to school

Gymboree dance

Do you remember my sneak peek of my girls’ back to school outfits from Gymboree? Well, here’s the complete outfit:I admit that I fell in love with these boots first and then built the rest of the outfit around them because I love them that much. My daughter has worn Gymboree boots every year that … Read more

Get ready to rock back to school with Gymboree

Gymboree dance

I’m currently in denial that back to school is right around the corner. We had so many plans this summer and it feels like the entire two months just blew past in a blur of travel, lazy summer days, and play dates. I feel like I’ve now got a deadline looming that I might just … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: solar eclipse fun

Matching Girls Solar Eclipse

Matching Girls Solar Eclipse 4Did you watch the solar eclipse today? We didn’t go out of our way to see it, but we did step out onto the porch to watch it. We were only 93% eclipsed here, but it was still pretty cool and I’m glad we got to see it with our neighbors. It was the first of my lifetime in the Pacific Northwest and I wasn’t exactly sure what the expect. It didn’t get nearly as dark as I thought it would get, but it was still pretty spectacular.

Solar Eclipse family

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Matching Girls Monday: blueberry picking and pie contests with neighbors

Gymboree kids

It’s now been three years of blueberry picking and pie contests with our fun-loving neighbors*, and to celebrate we headed off to Mountainview Blueberry Farm in Snohomish, WA. Our annual tradition usually just includes picking berries together and then making pies later to share, but this year they invited us over after picking to bake … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: shopping girls

shopping with matching clothes

Summer time cute with Hanna Andersson mermaid shirts, white Salt-Water Sandals, Minnie Mouse jean shorts from Kohl’s {bought for our Disney World trip last year}, and light silver sweaters from H&M.¬†This was clearly before the Seattle heatwave that has rendered sweaters unwearable. Or, as I like to call them “the good old days”.Want to know … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: Ferry fashion

Matching girls in Hanna

Oh summer, how I love you! Seattle has been having the most beautiful summer and we’re busy out exploring every day and especially on the weekends.¬† In one of our trips up to Seattle Premium Outlets this month I hopped into the Hanna Andersson outlet and I found these gorgeous red dresses on the $10 … Read more