Matching Girls Monday: solar eclipse fun

Matching Girls Solar Eclipse 4Did you watch the solar eclipse today? We didn’t go out of our way to see it, but we did step out onto the porch to watch it. We were only 93% eclipsed here, but it was still pretty cool and I’m glad we got to see it with our neighbors. It was the first of my lifetime in the Pacific Northwest and I wasn’t exactly sure what the expect. It didn’t get nearly as dark as I thought it would get, but it was still pretty spectacular.

Solar Eclipse family

The kids were also surprised by daddy-O coming home to view it with them and right before we headed outside we rocked these super cool paper shades for the event.  Matching Girls Solar EclipseMy girls chose this super appropriate star gazing shirt from OshKosh just for today, which I had totally forgotten they had.  Solar Eclipse pic
We’ll pretend that’s a solar eclipse, okay? Matching Girls Solar Eclipse 3
We were especially careful with the little one and never let her look at the eclipse without a parent to help hold the glasses and we only let her look for a second. We mostly sent her back inside the house to play dolls while we watched it with the neighbors.Solar Eclipse glassesThis girl loves science and all things astronomy, so for her this was pretty awesome even just at 93%. It would have been amazing to see it in totality, but I know we’re going to be able to watch super cool videos that will come out of Oregon and that will be cool enough for me.

Did you watch the eclipse?

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