Matching Girls Monday: feeling springy with fun florals

It's finally feeling a little bit like spring here in Seattle, so we celebrated with a day on the riverfront in Fremont. The girls wore their new Floral Poplin Peasant Tops from OshKosh, paired with their Old Navy jean jackets, grey pants {Tucker+Tate for Nordstrom for my oldest, Carter's last season for my little one}, … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: Cherry Blossoms at University of Washington in Seattle

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I'm sharing my favorite matching girls outfit of the week, taken at one of my favorite places. We visited the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington last week to take our annual pictures. It was pretty crowded {it always is}, but we were able to find a break in the crowds to snap some shots.Matching Girls Cherry BlossomsAs a special bonus, my son and I are both joining in on the fun this week. My girls are wearing the Peek Feather Top with yellow sweaters from Hanna Andersson. My dress is from Target, my leggings/tights are from Yummie Tummie, and my boots are Born Shoes. My son is wearing an OshKosh flannel.

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Our matching girls

I love it when we meet new people and they will remark excitedly about the fact that my daughters are wearing matching clothing. The first question after that is usually to ask if we did it on purpose or inquire if it’s a special occasion. They are literally shocked when I then say that my girls have spent roughly 99% of the 2+ years they have known each other wearing matching clothing.  Carter's kissesWhat follows is usually a flood of questions wanting to know why they match, whose idea it was, and then they always want to know how on Earth I found so many outfits that match for the past two years.

I always tell them that "matching girls" was entirely my oldest's idea. When her sister was born in 2015, she wanted to make sure that everyone knew how excited she was about her baby sister and declared that they were going to match every day.

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Adorable baby fashion from Carter’s

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I think we can all agree that shopping for baby clothes is really fun. Really, what's cuter than miniature clothing? If you are you looking to create a versatile and well-rounded baby wardrobe for your little one, you’re in the right place. Check out our list of baby fashion, essentials, and accessories that can take you all the way through baby’s first year…and beyond! Carter's BabyEssential #1 The Original Bodysuit by Carter’s

I was really sad when baby grew out of her first matching sisters outfit or her dress she wore in her 3 month pictures was a bit too short, but I just wasn’t prepared to be sad over growing out of a bodysuit. But, when you think of it, these baby essentials get the most use of anything in their little wardrobes. My baby girl wore The Original Bodysuit under absolutely everything for her entire first year and we had multiple packs in every size from newborn to 12mo. Even to this very day she wears an 12mo sleeveless bodysuit under many of her dresses because it’s just so easy and convenient. Carter's BodysuitI will fully admit I kept one of these bodysuits in the smallest sizes, and that I put two bodysuits on the kids’ dolls because I just couldn’t bear to part with them all, but I did pass along as many as I could part with of the dozens we had. Sharing the goodness of one of my favorite baby must-haves makes me really happy, which is why I always visit Carter's and pick up a pack of The Original Bodysuits for new babies.

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Celebrate the power of play with the Gymboree Hop ‘N’ Roll collection

Sponsored postI know play time for children is vital as it helps them learn about the world around them in ways I can’t teach them in a book, so I always make play time a priority. From unstructured playtime to working together to create a talent show, a fairy garden, or a circus, we fill our days with as much play as we possibly can. PLaying in Gymboree clothingSo, I was a little taken aback the other day when I told my kids I wanted them to wear play clothes if they were going to be out digging in our backyard and they both looked at me like I was crazy. “Do you mean dress up clothes?” my daughter asked. Clearly, they aren’t of my generation where we had two categories of clothing: play clothes and fancy. Gymboree playdateTo my kids, everything is play clothes, even if they really shouldn’t be. We’re talking fancy holiday dresses year-round at the beach and white button-up shirts and dresses while gardening. After looking through their closets it became really clear that they could both use some new “play clothes” for summer that would allow them to swing on monkey bars, skip rope, and do all the other things kids should be doing all day without worrying about restrictive clothing getting in the way.

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Coordinating sibling clothes for everyday from Gymboree

I constantly have my camera out, so I love my kids to wear coordinating outfits most days so they don’t clash with each. For this reason, I’m a huge fan of Gymboree’s mix and match collections that come out each season. I love visiting one of the many Gymboree stores near me and grabbing a few things … Read more