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I think we can all agree that shopping for baby clothes is really fun. Really, what's cuter than miniature clothing? If you are you looking to create a versatile and well-rounded baby wardrobe for your little one, you’re in the right place. Check out our list of baby fashion, essentials, and accessories that can take you all the way through baby’s first year…and beyond! Carter's BabyEssential #1 The Original Bodysuit by Carter’s

I was really sad when baby grew out of her first matching sisters outfit or her dress she wore in her 3 month pictures was a bit too short, but I just wasn’t prepared to be sad over growing out of a bodysuit. But, when you think of it, these baby essentials get the most use of anything in their little wardrobes. My baby girl wore The Original Bodysuit under absolutely everything for her entire first year and we had multiple packs in every size from newborn to 12mo. Even to this very day she wears an 12mo sleeveless bodysuit under many of her dresses because it’s just so easy and convenient. Carter's BodysuitI will fully admit I kept one of these bodysuits in the smallest sizes, and that I put two bodysuits on the kids’ dolls because I just couldn’t bear to part with them all, but I did pass along as many as I could part with of the dozens we had. Sharing the goodness of one of my favorite baby must-haves makes me really happy, which is why I always visit Carter's and pick up a pack of The Original Bodysuits for new babies.

It’s not just that these bodysuits make great under layers in cold weather – these bodysuits are kind of magic. Their versatility makes them a really awesome buy, and just about every baby I know lives in them. This is because they make great pajamas in hot weather under a swaddle blanket, they keep baby comfortable in dressier clothing, they can be worn alone to keep cool, and, my favorite is that they make any diaper accidents manageable since they save their outer layers from disaster and due to their fold-over shoulder design, they can simply be pulled down instead of needing to go over baby’s head. In short, they will make baby’s first year {and beyond} cooler, comfortable, and cleaner, which is a big huge win for all parents.

Essential #2 Carter’s baby socks

Carter’s baby socks are the only socks that baby didn’t immediately rip off her feet, so that either means they were the most comfortable or they were the hardest for her to get off. Honestly, either way is fine with me because whatever the reason, it meant that Carter’s socks actually stayed on. This meant that they were our sock of choice, not just for baby, but also for the older kids who still wear Carter’s socks and swear they are super comfortable. Carter's baby essentialsEssential #3 Carter’s separates

For every day play, I adore Carter’s separates that are perfect to mix and match. This means that when baby inevitably spills, gets dirty, or hops in a pool with her clothes on {yes, that happened}, I can simply change out that one piece she got dirty and not have to completely redress her.Carters baby fashionThese may be considered “basics”, but they are anything but basic. We’re talking cute sayings, fun patterns, and styles that are so cute that I wish they also carried adult sizes. They are versatile, cute, and super affordable, which makes them my go-to wardrobe staple for all of my kiddos.

Essential #4 adorable baby clothes

Once you have the basics and under layers, you can shop Carter’s vast baby clothes to find whatever styles suit you and your little one. I love their little dresses and stylish outfits, and I adore that many of the baby clothes and patterns match the older kids. This makes life with matching girls so much easier, and it makes for some adorable photo ops. Carter's kissesMy girls especially love Carter’s sweet cotton dresses, which look a little bit fancier than playwear but are still clothes that they can move and play in. Carter's matching dressesWe found these adorable matching coats for my girls and they are going to get some serious mileage this fall and winter when the weather starts to get cooler. I’m a huge fan of Carter’s coats and was hoping they would have something for my girls this season, but I never imagined it would be this cute. Carter's coatsEvery fall, we stock up on dresses, sweaters, and lightweight long sleeve shirts for the kids at Carter’s, and this year was no different. Even though baby is far from school age, her siblings needed new school clothes, and that means my matching girls will get a fall wardrobe refresh.

Baby may not be in a classroom, but she is rocking the back to school fashions while playing at the park or waiting for her siblings to finish classes each day. Carter's matching girlsEssential #5 sibling shirts

If this is you second {or third, or fourth, or fifth…} child, you’re probably on the hunt for all those adorable sibling shirts you see online. They are the best way to announce a baby on the way, and a cute first photoshoot idea. Or, if your kids are like mine, they will want to wear them every day if you let them. Luckily, Carter’s always has these shirts as part of their separates and it’s as easy as finding the right size. Carter's Sibling ShirtsIf you’re wondering, this IS what an amazing sister looks like, and yes, he is an awesome #1 brother.

Essential #6 accessories and more

We all know the really fun part of baby shopping is all the fun accessories and extras, and Carter’s has you covered on that front. With adorable headbands, hats, shoes, toys, and blankets, you can get everything you need for your babe.Carter's baby boxCarter’s baby stores are truly our one-stop-shop for all things baby and kid. You just can’t beat the variety, quality, and affordability of their items – especially the Original Bodysuit. They have everything parents need to outfit their little ones, and great deals and steals that make it easy to create a baby bundle without breaking your budget. Want to find a Carter's store near you? Use the Carter's Store Finder to find your closest store or simply shop online!WP_20160826_18_48_06_Pro
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