DIY miniature pot rack from champagne muselet for Lundby dollhouses

A muselet (French: myz.le) is a wire cage that fits over the cork of a bottle of champagne, sparkling wine, or beer to prevent the cork from emerging under the pressure of the carbonated contents.

We ended up with a muselet from a local hard cider a few months back, and after it was removed from the bottle, I set it in my windowsill while I debated what I could make it into. I've seen cute little chairs for fairy gardens made out of muselet and I considered making my own. But, then one day I decided my Lundby dollhouse needed a pot rack and went looking for supplies and found the muselet just waiting to become a lighted pot rack for the house.

Want to make your own miniature pot rack for your dollhouse? It's super easy, doesn't require many supplies, and the end result is really adorable! Lundby pot rack in kitchen

Step 1To start, untwist the lower wire on the muselet and shape into an oval, circle, or square {depending upon what shape pot rack you would like}. We went with an traditional oval rack, but you can customize yours however you'd like. Lundby pot rack 1
Lundby pot rack 2
Step 2Poke a hole using an awl or a nail in the top disc of the muselet for the Lundby light strand to fit through. DSC05549
Step 4Get jewelry wire that is pliable enough to bend and shape, but thick enough so that it can support holding mini metal pots and pans without bending. We used Darice 20 gauge wire and it worked nicely.DSC05551Step 3Cut the wire using wire cutters, making sure to leave enough excess to fold over onto the frame. Start with the smallest dimension first and secure the wires across the frame, pinching down the metal at the ends tightly with pliers. After all the wires running that direction are finished, weave the perpendicular wires through for extra durability.DSC05552
  Step 5Keep weaving wires on the pot rack until you are happy with the amount of storage and then secure all sides.
DSC05553Step 6 Once the pot rack is finished, you are ready to make mini hooks for your pots and pans. Using a small piece of wire and thin pliers, bend into small hooks.
DSC05556 DSC05562 Step 7Hang your pot rack in your dollhouse using glue dots. Then, plug in the light power cord and enjoy your Lundby family's kitchen makeover.   DSC05928I hope you enjoyed this easy and fun DIY! Happy {mini} decorating!

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