Matching Girls Monday: shopping shoes

Salt Water Girls for blogYou may have noticed how my girls and I almost always wear our Salt Water Sandals throughout the spring, summer, and fall. My oldest has gone through so many pairs of these throughout the years and we just keep buying her the next size up, but this spring the little one and I decided we *needed* matching Salt Water Sandals.

Girls on MountainSo, we went shopping and found the little one’s size and we promptly bought two pairs of Salt Water Sandals for her {one to fit now, one in the next size up}. Our search for my size had us going to tons of stores and boutiques and in the end mine had to be ordered because for some strange reason no one in the Seattle area keeps these amazing shoes in stock. Salt Water Sandal girls 2So, I ordered two pairs of Salt Water Sandals {one in white, one in black}. After all of our shopping and shopping and shopping, the little one decided they were “shopping shoes” and the nickname stuck.  Salt Water sandalsAnd, now we wear our shopping shoes everywhere and matching girls has become our way of life. I love my sweet matching girls.  Matching girls at riverYou would not believe how many people stop me and ask where I got my sandals for me and the girls. I wish I could tell them a local store that sells them in adult sizes, but I do tell them that Fred Meyer is a great place to find the smaller sizes. Sadly, we’re getting outside of kids’ sizes for my oldest and next year we’re definitely going to have to order hers, too… that is, if she’s up for matching another year.

Salt Water Sandal girls sqI know that my girls may soon tire of the matching girls thing for everyday and especially with matching their soon-to-be-uncool Mama, but I really, really they keep on wearing “shopping shoes” with me every single year as our family tradition.

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