Matching Girls Monday: American Girls

Matching Girls Kit's ShirtIt was a momentous occasion: the first American Girl matching shirts, ever. We bought these over a year ago a few months after Kit’s new “meet” outfit was released and then this shirt arrived in the Seattle store. Those who know me know that I would not be able to pass a shirt with a vintage camera for my matching girls.
Matching Girls Kit's Shirt

And, the fact that the shirts are from Kit’s collection with her signature colors? I am smitten.

I love Kit so much and would basically buy a cardboard box if it came in her collection. I mean, she’s a writer and a photographer. Need I say more? We actually have the new “meet” outfit for Kit stashed away, and once that comes out of the box at the next holiday, it’s going to be super exciting for these matching girls.

As you can see, they were happy to be back visiting the American Girl store in Seattle. After asking for months, we finally made it happen to meet cousins there and they were thrilled.
Matching Girls Kit's ShirtOn my matching girls: The Retro Camera Tank Top for Girls {it’s on sale for $14 right now!}, grey leggings from H&M, white Salt Water Sandals on my oldest, silver Nordstrom Rack shoes on my youngest {can you believe she didn’t match shoes?! We couldn’t believe it, either}. Blue and white striped purse from Beaches Turks & Caicos when we were there for Social Media on the Sand in 2015. Yes, its been two years since Beaches and we cannot wait for the rescheduled conference for 2017 – we’re all pre-registered and ready!

Also pictured: Logan in a hand-me-down shorts outfit and Tenney in the holiday outfit from 2014.

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