Limitless fun with Antsy Pants Build And Play kits

Building Antsy Pants market 2If I was describing the perfect toy, it would be something that was a project. Something that took a while to set up, provided customizing opportunities so the kids can get creative, and it would have an ambiguous design that allowed for almost limitless play. All of this adds up to something that the kids play with longer than 15 minutes, and something that they return to over and over again for different types of play. Antsy Pants BoxesIn that “perfect play” category is the new Build & Play™ sets from Antsy Pants. Their newest release, the Build & Play™ Mini Market checks off every “want” of mine for toys, while still being a super fun and exciting toy that the kids go crazy for every time I bring it out.Antsy Pants builderThe Antsy Pants™ Build and Play™ Mini Market Checkout Stand is the perfect spot for your little entrepreneurs to put their freshest produce on display and ring up purchases. Antsy Pants Market with kidsThe kit contains everything you need to build your own Checkout Stand, and you can add on the Market Shelf, Antsy Pants™ felt Play Food, a cardboard build-able cash register with color-able currency, and even a Market Cart that are all sold separately that add to the playtime. Antsy Pants coloringWe absolutely love the Snap and Click™ poles and connectors that were easy enough for our two year old to figure out {although she sometimes needs help fully connecting pieces}, and a breeze for our 6 and 9 year old. Antsy Pants partsThese Snap and Click™ poles and connectors keep the structure so much stronger than other play kits we’ve played with before – even when the kids take quite a few creative licenses along the way and don’t follow directions exactly. Antsy Pants rodsIn fact, a lot of the playtime fun is assembling the Market Stand and modifying it slightly each time. Building and creating something new was so much fun for them, and it really is surprisingly easy to do. Antsy Pants buildingOnce the market stand is finished and customized to their liking, the imaginative play begins. They can take turns bringing the Antsy Pants felt foods to the market, selling their harvest, and making and exchanging currency. Antsy Pants Market girlThis has turned out to be a good opportunity for them to practice their math skills, learn the ins and outs of selling, and work together to “sell” their goods. At the market standThere’s an Antsy Pants kit for every child, whether they love vehicles, creating forts, princess castles, or they have their heart set any other number of available designs in the Antsy Pants line. Antsy pants52328662
This line is available exclusively at Target, so you can take your pick of any number of durable play structures that all feature the color-coded Snap and Click™ poles and connectors of the Market Stand.

Honestly, the adventures are endless no matter what set you choose, because the kids can basically build whatever they want if they choose not to follow the instructions or use all the pieces. Building Antsy Pants marketAnother thing we love about Antsy Pants: Get Play and Give Play
With each kit purchased, Antsy Pants will help national non-profit KaBOOM! build playgrounds for kids living in poverty across America. Since 1996, KaBOOM! has collaborated with partners such as Antsy Pants to build, open, or improve nearly 16,300 playgrounds with more than one million volunteers to help over 8.5 million kids. To learn why #playmatters you can visit Alice Lake KiddosWant to see even more Antsy Pants kits, storage solutions, add on sets, and creative ideas? Check out

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