Matching Girls Monday: Gymboree sale shopping

Three kids in Gymboree 2

Oh, Gymboree… you did it again. I went in to buy next year’s matching PJs on clearance {please tell me everyone else does that, too}, and instead walked out with a huge bag full of clothing that I just couldn’t resist during their annual sale. One look at these adorable metallic deer skirts {Black Deer Jaquard … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: a day at the Seattle zoo

Matching girls together

In an extremely rare boy-less day, we got to take these sweet sisters out to the Woodland Park Zoo and let them call the shots. We stayed far longer than I thought we would at the otters, we visited the park we usually skip right by, and we fed the birds that my son isn’t interested in touching. All in all, it was a great day and they looked adorable in their matching Gymboree dresses and leggings. 

Matching Girls Monday: Beaches girls in Turks and Caicos

Beaches Mama and Daughters

This last week, we were living it up in Turks & Caicos. It was three years since our last visit, and it was so good to be back. My little one was just a few months old for our last trip, which seems crazy now. My matching girls were living their best life in their … Read more

Matching girls: Old Navy in fall

Mama and tween

My oldest came home from school camp this week, and I swear she aged a decade. She left a tween and now look at her. Of course, the fact that she’s experimenting with makeup doesn’t help things any. The day she came home, she wanted to plan a girls day with mani/pedis and some shopping … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: beach at sundown

Beach Day matching girls kissing

Living so close to so many beaches means that just about every day can be a beach day. While we love spending whole days at the beach, we also love that we can just stop into beaches on our way home to see the sunset and let the kids play for a bit.  No swimsuit … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: blueberries in Hannas

Blueberry Picking girls in matching dresses

We love our neighbors*. It’s become tradition that all of our girls {5 girls between the two families} get new matching dresses that they wear during our annual neighbor* events, and I had completely spaced this year. Thank goodness this year our amazing neighbors* surprised us with the cutest dresses for the girls at Hanna … Read more

zulily Thrill Week is going on now

Do you shop zulily? I first heard about them years ago from my cousin who was able to get everything she needed for both her and her new baby at deeply discounted prices thanks to zulily. After checking it out for myself, I was hooked, and have since bought a ton of stuff for me, … Read more

Planning Family Pictures? Here’s everything you need to know

Mama and kiddos portrait

I’ve been a family photographer for almost 20 years. I don’t do too many shoots a week because blogging and mom life is all-encompassing these days, but I still am averaging a few shoots a month. Which means I still get the panicked emails from clients who want to know what to expect going into … Read more

Matching Girls Monday: farm life

Matching girls in Gymboree 2

Once again we were joined by our lovely neighbors for a matching girls day. My girls love matching their “cousins” and I love all the excitement they all have for matching each other. These girls have my heart, and I love that they all adore each other so much. We have a fall tradition where … Read more

Motherhood: a lesson on time and space

Cousins at the zoo 10

I always hoped that my girls would be close. I wished more than anything for a sister for my oldest, and I was so excited when my wish came true. But, in the back of my mind I worried that there was too much space between them. Too many years between them for them to … Read more