Matching girls: Old Navy in fall

Family in PipeMy oldest came home from school camp this week, and I swear she aged a decade. She left a tween and now look at her. Of course, the fact that she’s experimenting with makeup doesn’t help things any.

Matching Girls in pipe 2

The day she came home, she wanted to plan a girls day with mani/pedis and some shopping time while our boys were busy. We painted nails in the morning and after a few errands we ended up at Old Navy. It was *very* popular. Daddy and kid in pipe upsidedownThe girls picked out some new outfits, and one of my favorites is this new fall-inspired outfit. I love the black print dress that is adorable alone or paired with leggings and a sweater, and I fell in love with this long burgundy sweater to go with it. Daddy and kiddo in pipeThe best part about it? They had a shirt in the womens’ section so I could match, too. That was also *very* popular.Girls in Pipe Mama and Daddy with kiddo in pipeMama and kiddos in pipeI missed this girl so much at camp that it made my heart ache. Having her back again feels like all is right in the world. That deserves a matching outfit, right? Matching girls in pipe 2 Matching girls in pipe

Oh, and this little one? She could not wait for her matching girl to get back home to her. She had a hard time figuring out the camp timeline, so she broke my heart a little more every time she asked to go get her sister from school and I had to tell her she wasn’t there yet. Kiddo in pipe

The day she asked so sweetly and yet so urgently to peek into the gym made my heart sink realizing she was searching the last place she had seen her sister. Matching Girls in pipe 4

Matching Girls

My matching girls are wearing dresses and sweaters from Old Navy’s fall collection, and my little one is wearing boots from the same line. My shirt is in the same pattern and is from the Old Navy in the women’s department. Old Navy also had dresses and long sleeve shirts in this same pattern, but I didn’t love the cuts. Short sleeve with Eddie Bauer sweater it is!

Matching Girls in pipe

Matchy-match resources for your kids

Want to know how I found all the matching clothing for my girls? It’s gotten easier through the years now that my girls are both in little girl sizes instead of straddling baby and toddler, too. But, for those mamas with multiple aged kids searching for matching clothes, you will want to check out The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and SiblingsThe Complete Guide to Matching CLothing for Baby Toddler Kids and Siblings

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