Matching Girls Monday: blueberries in Hannas

Blueberry Picking girls in matching dressesWe love our neighbors*.

It’s become tradition that all of our girls {5 girls between the two families} get new matching dresses that they wear during our annual neighbor* events, and I had completely spaced this year. Thank goodness this year our amazing neighbors* surprised us with the cutest dresses for the girls at Hanna Andersson for my oldest’s birthday.  The girls blueberry picking in matching dressesAren’t they the sweetest? I couldn’t get over how cute they all looked, and the girls were THRILLED to be back dressing alike for the third year in a row. I love that even our oldest girls are still very much into matching each other, not just for tradition’s sake, but also because they just adore each other that much.The girls in matching dressesSeriously, how cute are these kiddos? I love that their relationship has grown so much throughout the years and that they still get confused on whether we are related or not. We’re not, for the record, but it sure seems that way.

Matching girls picking blueberriesI always knew that our older kids would have a special bond after living next door for so long, but the best thing is the love that the youngest two share. I was so worried that they wouldn’t be close, considering that they only were neighbors for a matter of months. Both of them were so young that they couldn’t possibly remember, but that hasn’t stopped their friendship from flourishing. RosebudsEven though  Mountainview Blueberry Farm in Snohomish, WA was having a problem with their early crop, we still picked and enjoyed a few of these baskets full of berries. Delicious straight off the bushes, and even more so when baked into our pies for our pie competition. We might have to do a re-do in a week or so to get even more berries because our first harvest went really fast!

Blueberries Matching Girls

Want to know how I found all the matching clothing for my girls and their friends? It’s not as easy as you would think, especially for younger kids, which is why the two younger siblings has slightly different dresses in the same pattern and color scheme. Want to find out more? Check out The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and Siblings. Start your search here, and be sure to pin for laterThe Complete Guide to Matching CLothing for Baby Toddler Kids and Siblings*okay, so they aren’t technically our neighbors, but they once were… and that’s good enough for us. Once a neighbor, always a neighbor.

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