Where we were: Mount Vernon, WA day trip from Seattle

Mount Vernon WA hikeWe try and visit as many towns and cities near us, and this summer has been a busy one of day tripping around the Seattle area. One town we often overlook on our travels is Mount Vernon, WA, and we decided to change that this summer. Mount Vernon WA antiques

We’ve mainly driven through Mount Vernon on the way to the tulips and then to visit the Mount Vernon Co-op {which I adore and stop in whenever I get the chance}. Aside from one quick trip to explore the main town strip back in 2013, Mount Vernon has been a pass-through. Lincoln Theater Mount Vernon

As you probably know by now, we love a good farmer’s market here at Rave & Review. So, we were so glad when we were lucky enough to get into town just in time for the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Mount Vernon, WA. We got some essential oils, some edible flowers, golden berries, and more all from adorable little stands in the market. Mount Vernon WA Farmer's Market

Pancakes at the Market in Mount Vernon WAAnd, did I mention the wall art? We found a few adorable murals around town just begging for pictures.Mount Vernon WA Mural And one gorgeous alley that reminded me of something from our Europe travels. Mount Vernon WA alley 2Mount Vernon WA alley

Mount Vernon WA kiddosWhile I know that we’re still going to do our several-times-a-year stop off at the Mount Vernon Co-Op for groceries and gifts, it was really fun to do some more exploring into downtown on this trip. Mount Vernon WA Co-opEmpire Mount Vernon WAMount Vernon WA courthouse

We also found a fun place to hike with the family at Little Mountain Park after all of our fun downtown. The park had large, open trails that were beautifully shaded, and we had a blast picking trails and exploring. Hiking babeMount Vernon WA hike 2Mount Vernon WA hike 3Mount Vernon WA hiker

A visit up North wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Woods Coffee, and as usual, it did not disappoint. I know they are starting to move down South as there is a newer store in Bellevue, WA, but here’s hoping they eventually make their way all across the PNW.Mount Vernon WA Woods Coffee Mount Vernon WA

For dinner, we stopped into Catrina Tacos & Tequila and it was AMAZING. I would highly recommend the Torta, but everything we tried was delicious and worth checking out. Tacos and Tequila Mount Vernon WA

Have you been to Mount Vernon, WA before? What are your favorite places to visit?

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