Matching Girls Monday: beach at sundown

Beach Day at duskLiving so close to so many beaches means that just about every day can be a beach day. While we love spending whole days at the beach, we also love that we can just stop into beaches on our way home to see the sunset and let the kids play for a bit. Beach Day at Water's Edge

No swimsuit required, and basically no extra work for us parents because it doesn’t involve gallons of sunscreen, schlepping snacks, or any of the other non-fun things about beach days. Just surf, sand, and sundown… and a mostly empty beach all to ourselves to explore. Beach Day matching girlsBeach Day Sandy HandsThe beach is one of my absolute favorite places to take pictures of my kids because I don’t need to direct them in any way. Every direction you look is gorgeous, so I don’t have to worry about what’s in the shot or try and crop out details in the background. Beach Day girls in GymboreeI can just let them be and enjoy watching them interact. They are all beach babies at heart, and even long after the sun has gone down they will still happily play in the water and sand, enjoying playing as the weather gets cooler and the sky darkens. Beach Day matching girls kissing

Matching Girls

My matching girls are wearing Gymboree dresses paired with Gymboree star capris from their back to school 2017 line. The striped dresses are soft cotton t-shirt material and are perfect for active, sunny days. Then, during the evening, we can add the star capris for a little more warmth.Beach Day throwing rocks

The girls have worn these dresses a ton over the last year on all of our adventures and they still look great, with or without leggings or capris.  Beach Day with my girlBeach Day on rocksBeach Day playing with rocksBeach Day treasures

Matchy-match resources for your kids

Want to know how I found all the matching clothing for my girls? It’s gotten easier through the years now that my girls are both in little girl sizes instead of straddling baby and toddler, too. But, for those mamas with multiple aged kids searching for matching clothes, you will want to check out The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and Siblings. The Complete Guide to Matching CLothing for Baby Toddler Kids and Siblings

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