Motherhood: a lesson on time and space

Matching Girls at zoo 3 6a0105362badb1970b01bb099f0c19970d-800wiI always hoped that my girls would be close. I wished more than anything for a sister for my oldest, and I was so excited when my wish came true. But, in the back of my mind I worried that there was too much space between them. Too many years between them for them to bond like my other two did. I worried they might never play together or feel like they shared a childhood, but I hoped that someday they might be close like I am with my sisters.Matching Girls at zoo 10Apparently, I had no reason to worry because even though there are 6 years between them, they are still so incredibly close. Some days my little one follows the big kids around and they “mother” her like she’s a baby, and other days you would think there was mere months in between them.  Matching Girls at zoo 7

These girls share many different interests, but I especially love that they bond over anything having to do with nature. But, admittedly it’s sometimes annoyingly so. Matching Girls at zoo 8Rocks, sand, seashells, sticks, and sometimes even bugs make their way into their pockets, which means I get the pleasure of dealing with a whole lot of nature when they forget to check those pockets before throwing them in the dirty bin. These chestnuts that they collected? They are still in the bottom of my stroller. Treasures, they call them. Matching Girls at zoo 11My grandma was just like this, she would collect things as we went on our walks and would carry them with us. Her treasures. She would cup them in her hand so she could admire them as we walked. She saw so much beauty in nature, and walking with her was never fast; never a way to get from point A to point B. Being in nature was the point, and we would get there when we got there.   Matching Girls at zooLife with her prepared me for motherhood with these two. Getting anywhere with these two can be difficult, especially if I hope to get there on time. They both are exceptionally capable, but for some reason they need reminders for every.single.task when it’s time to leave. Matching Girls at zoo 9I have to remember that these distractions aren’t to annoy me. They are learning about the world, enjoying the nature around them, and they are experiencing a childhood that we would all wish for. It’s my reminder to slow down.  Matching Girls at zoo 6Because time is going much, much too fast these days. It’s now been 9 years since I became a mom and yet it feels like yesterday at times. 9 years that went by in a blink of an eye.

No one prepared me for the warp speed that would happen with three kids, how I would always feel like there’s not enough time. Not enough of me.

But, then no one prepared me for how full my heart would be with three. Matching Girls at zoo 4My Matching Girls: my girls are wearing sweet little dresses from the Gymboree outlet at Seattle Premium Outlets. We paired them with grey and white leggings from Tea Collection so they could run and jump and play without worry.

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