Less is more: life without a diaper bag

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I’m 9+ years in on this whole mom gig, and at this point I would definitely consider myself an experienced mom. In the past decade I’ve had three kids, I’ve babysat several dozen more kids {sometimes daily}, and I’m oftentimes the only adult in charge of as many as 7 young kids at one time. And, even though I sometimes have a gaggle of kids around me, we’re almost always on-the-go and off on some adventure.

So, now that we’ve established my authority as an experienced mom, I’m going to tell you first time moms something that may sound crazy at first: I don’t *do* diaper bags, even though we’re almost always on the go. Huggies small purse solutionsI’ve never actually had a full-size diaper bag, and I never will. I survive solely on the freedom that is the diaper clutch, and throughout the years that diaper clutch has gotten progressively smaller in size and now fits nicely inside of my purse. Huggies diaper clutchThis isn’t to say that I’m not a person that plans ahead and buys in bulk, because I definitely am that person. I’ve always been a planner, and saving money makes me ridiculously happy, so I love shopping at Sam’s Club. I load up carts with Huggies® and other items we need for baby and beyond just like every other money-saving parent, but I’m just not that parent who carries it all with me everywhere I go. Sam's Club diapers
The Shuttle and the Mother Ship

The crux of my system is what My Father-In-Law calls “the shuttle and the mother ship” where my purse is the “mother ship” and the diaper clutch is one of a few “shuttles”. These shuttles can easily go from stroller to front back to backpack to bicycle without having to lug a big huge bag with us everywhere. Huggies purseThe lack of a big bag actually helps me make sure we never run out of essentials because I can see at a glance that I need to refill diapers or wipes or I’m missing an essential item. Since my clutch is only large enough to carry the number of diapers we need for an entire day out {plus a few extras, just in case} it means that when it is missing diapers it is incredibly obvious. I’ve simply made it a habit to grab a handful of diapers to replace any that were used the previous day each morning and I’ve literally never run out of diapers, ever. Huggies diaper clutch fillingIn a stark contrast to this less-is-more diaper clutch lifestyle I lead, whenever I have been with friends who carry the enormous diaper bag, I find that they are constantly running out of things. It makes no sense, right? You see that big bag of “stuff” and assume that they have enough diapers for the week, but they are constantly opening that big packed bag to find the babysitter used the last diaper or the change of clothes they were counting on is missing.

I like to explain it like this: Us moms have a lot on our plates. A lot. It’s really not easy to get out of the house with a little one, let alone multiple little ones, and it’s super easy to forget even things that seem basic and unforgettable, like Huggies. But, I can tell you from experience that unless something is right in front of my face, it’s really easy for me to forget it while I’m in the middle of the morning rush.

That’s why the diaper clutch is my most used tool as a mom of three. A purse with a see-through diaper clutch on top is my way of making diapers virtually unforgettable because my stash is always visible to me at a glance. Huggies solutions

Here’s how to organize your Mother Ship to stay mobile with your little one:

  1. Shuttle #1: Your see-through diaper clutch. This should be just big enough for enough diapers and wipes for a long and busy day. Mine holds about 8 Huggies Little Movers® diapers and one of the awesome Huggies Clutch N Clean wipes containers with about 20 wipes in it. I love Huggies Little Movers because they are so soft and still provide up to 12 hours of leakage protection. Side note: I love the Clutch N Clean wipes because the container gets smaller as wipes are taken out, which makes it very obvious when it needs refilled. Like I said, I should be able to assess *at a glance* that essential items are missing, and that definitely includes wipes. While we buy our wipes in bulk at Sam’s Club, I simply open one of the refill packages and take a small stack of wipes out to transfer to my Clutch N Clean case. Huggies diaper clutch contents
  2. Shuttle #2: Your wallet/money clip. I’m a wallet person, and I don’t prescribe to the less-is-more vision when it comes to my wallet, but I do still want to be able to glance to notice something is missing. This means I want very clearly defined spaces to hold my license, my gift cards, receipts for taxes, and all of my credit cards where everything has its place and is super organized.
  3. Mama essentials. I like to keep these in an interior pocket to keep them from rolling around on the bottom of my purse. I always keep a rubber band, phone charger, sunglasses, small tube of lotion, a lip moisturizer, and a pressed powder with me, but your essentials could be twice that long or include none of the above. Playing with car
  4. Mints. I love coffee, so therefore I must have mints.
  5. Keys, attached to a clip that can go right on the strap of my purse. This keeps me from having to dig to find them each time, which is great because I almost always have my hands full. Huggies purse up close
  6. A small first aid kit with band-aids. My kids love band-aids and would put them on bruises if I let them. It’s amazing how they can take a huge tumble and split their knees and be fine as long as they have mama’s kisses and a nice band-aid, so I always make sure I have both at the ready.
  7. Shuttle #3: Emergency stash for kiddos. In a small cloth pouch I will keep a few snacks as well as some small, squishable toys like these princess toys or a few toy cars, crayons, or whatever else small you could entertain your little one with for doctors visits, restaurant meals, or any other place you get stuck that isn’t fun for little ones. Princess pouch
  8. Plenty of caribiners. These are useful for all sorts of things, including making these shuttles even more portable. We use them to clip pouches, straw cups, and diaper clutches onto strollers, purses, backpacks, and more. You can also use them to clip like items together, you can use them to attach items to car headrests for back seat play or for holding your little one’s water bottle at the ready. Huggies hook on pouches
  9. Emergency shuttle. In case of extreme emergency, I always keep a change of clothing, a small container of soap, 5 Huggies diapers and a packed Clutch N Go wipes container in the trunk of my car inside a leak-proof bag for if the very worst does happen. I have had to raid our small emergency pouch exactly 4 times, but it’s worth it to me to store it in the trunk at all times because when you need it, you really need it. Extra clothing

It may seem counter-intuitive, but give it a shot and try out going diaperbag-less for a few days to see how it works for you. By using my pouch and caribiner system you can effectively assess what you need each day because everything is right in front of you and it’s incredibly obvious when something is missing.

I think you will find that life without a diaper bag is actually incredibly freeing. I never feel like I will run out, I never have to have a mental supply list in my head that I need to remember to refill, and those moms with the big huge diaper bags are the ones that come to me to ask for supplies when they need them. Huggies purse 2Are you ready to stock up on diapers and try out my system? I’ve got an amazing deal for you! Sign up for a new Sam’s Club membership now and get $45 in Instant Savings when you buy any three participating Huggies® products. You can join on samsclub.com {and get an additional $5 e-gift card} or you can join at your local club after printing the offer page using this link.  Sam's Club Huggies shoppingShort on time and don’t want to drag your kids inside? Try the Sam’s Club Pick-Up service. You can still get the great deals and maximize your dollar by buying in bulk, but avoid lines and being talked into every single thing that catches their eye. Although I highly recommend at least a few visits a quarter in club so you can see what’s new and enjoy all the many perks of membership, this option is great for when you just don’t have time for a leisurely Sam’s Club run but you’re on your last sleeve of Huggies.
Sam's Club storeWhat do you love most about being a Sam’s Club member?

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