Treat yourself to a steak dinner at Applebee’s for under $10

Sponsored postAt some point in the past few years, we just stopped going out to eat. Three kids, one income, and busy schedules have us running from event to event so it became hard to do relaxing dinners out. As a result, I became queen of the quick and easy weeknight dinner that could have us out of the house and on the go. So, really, eating out at all is a huge treat.

But, a steak dinner out? It must be my anniversabirthday. Applebees outsideApplebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar doesn’t think that a nice steak dinner at a restaurant should be a once-a-year event and are giving you a chance to enjoy a well-deserved steak at an awesome price – no special occasion required. From now until November 13th, customers can enjoy Applebee’s famed wood-fired USDA Choice Top Sirloin steak and two delectable sides, all for just $9.99. Applebees wood fired

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Finding Dory fun from Nature’s Harvest bread

Sponsored post Finding Dory inspired sandwichWe're big "Finding Nemo" fans and have basically been waiting for years for Disney•Pixar's "Finding Dory" to come out. I was thrilled when I got to see the first 33 minutes of the new film at DisneySMMC this year and cannot wait to take the kiddos to see the film once they get out of school. To get in the Dory spirit, we decided to celebrate the film opening by making some Dory-inspired lunches with Nature's Harvest® bread. Nature's Harvest breadSince we love to play with our food around here, I thought we'd make a Bacon Tomato & Avocado {BTA} open face sandwich and allow the kids to make their own fish friend right on their Nature’s Harvest® bread. With has at least 8g or more of whole grains per serving and no artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup, their delicious bread is a staple around here and every variety we’ve tried has been a hit with the kids. From Stone Ground 100% Whole Wheat to Honey Wheat Made with Whole Grain Bread, they are all kid- and parent-approved.

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Day to night with Rocky 4EurSole sandals

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Rocky 4EurSole and I received  compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.
Rocky 4EurSole night
Remember when I told you about my new Rocky 4EurSole sandals I fell in love with last month and how comfortable they were even for all-day events or for chasing after kiddos? Well, I’m happy to report that they are actually more comfortable now that I’ve worn them quite a bit! The sole itself has stayed the same cushiony, springy support I was raving about, but the leather has softened with wear and they now feel like old friends when I slip them on again. Rocky sandals

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Spring clean and organize your digital life with MiMedia

Sponsored postI know this isn’t a popular sentiment, but I actually really love spring cleaning. Call me crazy, but I love cleaning up and clearing things out until everything is neat and organized just the way I like it. During my spring cleaning sessions, just about nothing is safe and I recycle, donate, and gift with abandon. It’s a beautiful thing.

But, until now there is one area of disorganization that was too scary for me to even begin to delve into: my digital life. We’re talking decades of pictures, music files, scans, videos, and documents that have been over-categorized and misplaced until it’s impossible to find anything or enjoy it properly.

Like this gem. Hidden away in a file called "10-26-2015-BHJLHK". Because OF COURSE I would look there first when searching for an adorable picture of the kiddos with me during our trip to Georgia. If that doesn't scream "open me for adorable pictures" I don't know what does. DSC01056That’s where MiMedia comes in. MiMedia is the personal cloud you’ve been waiting for that gives you an easy-to-access, safe and secure digital home for all of your precious memories. Imagine knowing that all your files you care most about are safe in one spot where you can keep them organized and accessible on all of your devices. With MiMedia, they can be. MiMedia upload queue

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Photo gifts and surprises from GingerSnapCrate

Sponsored post I just received one of the coolest packages I have ever gotten. Yes, ever. I’m a hard person to surprise, but I was so shocked by my GingerSnapCrate that it felt like Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day all rolled into one.

Picture presents are my absolute favorite, but that’s one thing that’s really tough for other people to get me. You see, I’m my family’s photographer, which means unless my photographer aunt is around with her camera, I hold all the pictures. And, I have a ton of pictures {I actually probably have a few dozen tons of pictures}, which no one wants to dig through to surprise me.What is in the GingerSnapCrateBut, GingerSnapCrate really surprised me, in such a good way. GingerSnapCrate is a customized monthly box of your favorite images made into custom photo gifts perfect for keeping or for giving.

I was honestly so surprised that I was confused. How did they get these adorable pictures I love so much? I know I didn’t send them all of these, so where did they come from? When they asked for a few pictures, I just drew a blank and sent the four most current pictures I liked of this spring. So, where did the rest of these come from and how did they know my taste so perfectly? And, then I realized that they had found my pictures on Instagram, which is so awesome. GingerSnapCrate sparkle magnetOut of my Instagram photos and the photos I uploaded to the GingerSnapCrate site, they made me some super awesome photo gifts that I am simply in love with. From calendar sheets to framed prints and photo bags to magnets and beautifully printed photos, they nailed every single item in the crate.

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Find your keys, purse or phone with a Tile tracker from AT&T

Sponsored postTry the Tile from AT&T
Sometimes, things just happen for a reason. Earlier this month, when AT&T offered to send me a new Tile, I thought, “That’d probably be nice to have just in case”. I had no idea just how nice it would be to have.

I was literally waiting on shipment of the Tile when I truly lost my car keys for the first time in my adult life. It took over a half hour of all of us running around the house looking before I realized where they were – they were locked INSIDE my trunk sitting atop the stroller console where I had left them after shopping the previous day.

Thankfully, I have a husband who drives for work and he was able to swing by and unlock my trunk for me, because I would have had some super sad spring breakers missing a day at the Children’s Museum as a result of my forgetfulness. As it was, we had already wasted much of our day looking for keys and then waiting to be rescued.

But, what if we could have located the keys in an instant and immediately called my husband to help us out? That’s where the Tile Bluetooth Tracker comes in. The tiny Tile is the size of keychain, but it can do so much more. How much more, you ask? Tile keychain

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Taking care of me with Nature Made

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I know most of you reading are parents, so you’re well versed in the art of caring for others. But, ask yourself one question: what ways do you care for yourself? I’m not talking about cruising through a … Read more

Fitbit Charge heart rate monitor activity tracker

Sponsored postWhen you think about Valentine’s Day, most people think about sweets, roses, and hearts. I guess this makes sense, but as for me, I always think AT&T each February for all my heartfelt gifts. It may not be hearts in the traditional sense, but in the literal sense, AT&T has you covered.
To me, romance is about growing old together, hand-in-hand. To do that, you must be healthy. So, why not head into AT&T to pick up a pair of Fitbit activity trackers for you and your sweetheart to help you stay active and healthy?

The Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker is the perfect gift for those looking to stay in shape and live an active life. The Fitbit Charge works with iPhone, Android, and Windows and not only can it keep your heart healthy by encouraging you to keep moving, but it also monitors that heart of yours with PurePulse™ Heart Rate so you can see what really gets your blood pumping.
Fitbit Charge HR

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Adorable and life-like stuffed animal friends from Aurora Miyoni

Sponsored postAuror Miyoni best friends Like most kids, my children are obsessed with stuffed animals. They have stuffed animals they have gotten from toy stores during our adventures, dozens from friends and family, still more that they won at fairs and carnivals, and some that they get at events we go to.

And, the level of love that they have for these stuffed animals usually goes in that order. Silly carnival and event animals usually have a 3 month or less shelf life around here before they ultimately get ditched and then thrown in the donate bin, but those given as presents and those from our adventures typically become beloved friends that they play with day after day. Aurora Miyoni unlikely friendsOne day while they were playing Zoo with all their stuffed animals it dawned on me that most of their favorite stuffed animals for playing with are Aurora Miyoni Signature Series. This isn’t really a surprise considering the life-like detail that goes into each Miyoni plush. My kids have great imaginations, but even they don’t want to play with purple cats and tigers with hats. No, they prefer animals that you can almost believe are the real deal. Aurora Miyoni

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