Find your keys, purse or phone with a Tile tracker from AT&T

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Sometimes, things just happen for a reason. Earlier this month, when AT&T offered to send me a new Tile, I thought, “That’d probably be nice to have just in case”. I had no idea just how nice it would be to have.

I was literally waiting on shipment of the Tile when I truly lost my car keys for the first time in my adult life. It took over a half hour of all of us running around the house looking before I realized where they were – they were locked INSIDE my trunk sitting atop the stroller console where I had left them after shopping the previous day.

Thankfully, I have a husband who drives for work and he was able to swing by and unlock my trunk for me, because I would have had some super sad spring breakers missing a day at the Children’s Museum as a result of my forgetfulness. As it was, we had already wasted much of our day looking for keys and then waiting to be rescued.

But, what if we could have located the keys in an instant and immediately called my husband to help us out? That’s where the Tile Bluetooth Tracker comes in. The tiny Tile is the size of keychain, but it can do so much more. How much more, you ask? Tile keychain

Find your items
Save yourself the stress of searching for misplaced stuff. Clip to your keys, attach to your camera, or place the Tile in your purse, laptop bag or luggage and if your stuff wanders off {or gets left in the car, as in my case}, you can find it in seconds just by using your smartphone. You will never again wonder where your items wandered off to again. 

This is obviously not a stated use for the Tile, but some users claim they even work for pets and kids, too. I could totally see lacing a Tile into my child’s shoe for a day at an amusement park, or clipping one to a beloved pet’s collar in case they wander off at the dog park.

Ring your things
Not only can you use the app to get a description of where it’s located, you can also use the app to ring your stuff. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you locate it. This would be especially awesome for those times the kids have “accidentally” misplaced the keys and we found them in a toy box or drawer. Tile keys

Ring your phone
Have the opposite problem and are always losing your smartphone? I used to exclusively use the home phone to call my phone if it wandered off and then we negotiated for a less restrictive bundle plan because a home phone just so you can find your cellphone is just crazy. Well, now I can use the Tile to help me find my phone, no landline required. Simply press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even if it's on silent. Keys with TileSee where you had it last
Want to know the last time and place the Tile app synced with your Tile? Give your memory a break and let the app tell you if you left it somewhere so you know where to look first.

Ask others for help
Still can't find your Tile? Rumor has it you can expand your search using all Tile apps in their community. They say this feature is 100% private, so no one knows you're looking for a lost item but you, which is pretty awesome. Tile tracker on camera bagAs much as I'm looking forward to using the Tile whenever we travel, I'm so happy I had the Tile this last week while recovering from Labyrinthitis. With how sick I've been and how disoriented, knowing that I had the Tile to help was so incredibly nice. Plus, it was nice having the security of being able to reach down and press a button if I needed to ring my husband's phone while he was in another room.

As you know, AT&T retail stores are about more than just smartphones these days and I love that they are always adding to their offerings to give you the best mobile experience anywhere. Well, now you can add Tile to the growing list of electronics, accessories, and gadgets they carry that just make life easier, both on the go and at home.

You can buy individual Tile Bluetooth Tackers from AT&T for $25, or you can buy a 4-pack for $70, which would be a great present for travelers, college students, photographers and musicians with tons of gear, families, and more. The Tile has an internal battery that lasts for 1 year so you don’t have to worry about charging it, you just replace with a new Tile when the battery dies.

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    I use a qrcode in order to tag my items.
    If you loose your luggages or keys or mobile phone,… I think that you will have more chance of finding your lost items.
    Moreover it is cheaper (sometime it’s free with and it works all the time.


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