Day to night with Rocky 4EurSole sandals

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Rocky 4EurSole and I received  compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.
Rocky 4EurSole night
Remember when I told you about my new Rocky 4EurSole sandals I fell in love with last month and how comfortable they were even for all-day events or for chasing after kiddos? Well, I’m happy to report that they are actually more comfortable now that I’ve worn them quite a bit! The sole itself has stayed the same cushiony, springy support I was raving about, but the leather has softened with wear and they now feel like old friends when I slip them on again. Rocky sandals

After wearing them for weeks, I tell everyone about their dual-density cork/EVA cushion with a layer of memory foam that keeps me supported as well and cushioned with the memory foam farming to the shape of my foot, even when walking a ton. They call it the EurSole Sandal Comfort System, but I just call it awesome.

In the past few weeks rocking the Rocky 4EurSole Set Free Women’s Sandals I have worn them to the beach, to the pool, shopping in town, and I have worn them so, so many times for a night out. Part of the reason why I chose the Set Free Sandal was that I knew it would be versatile enough to dress up or down, for day or night, and I was totally correct. They have become the one piece I build my outfit around for my days and nights, and it makes heading out on an adventure or a vacation so much easier knowing that they can easily transform my look. Rocky 4 EurSole top view
But now instead of deciding between my pairs of cute no-support, uncomfortable strappy sandals and then another pair of comfort sandals, I can bring along just one pair that does it all and looks great doing it. Rocky 4EurSole night look
My favorite feature of this 4EurSole sandal is the unique hole in the wedge heel that the foot strap buckles go through. This not only makes them very distinctive and fun, it also serves to give you an adjustable fit while reducing heel slippage, which is pretty awesome. The black leather lining not only looks great but also blocks sweat so you stay comfortable all day long. And, the super cool buckle makes it easy to hook and go – no re-buckling required. Rocky 4EurSole clasp
Basically, they are the perfect sandal to take me from spring to summer and even into fall, from day to night. Rocky 4EurSole night outfit
Still not sold on Rocky 4EurSole and think you’re destined to wear ugly orthopedic shoes if you want comfort? Check out their line of sandals and shoes that are truly cute and fashionable as well as having all the comfort features you want most – as well as some you haven’t even thought of yet. Rocky 4Eur Sole daytime look
There’s a good reason these shoes are PTPA approved and loved by women all over the world. So, this spring I’m urging you to celebrate the “Summer Solestice” by falling in love with Rocky 4EurSole like I did – whether it’s sandals, slides, clogs, heels, or flats. Each model is packed with features that add all sorts of comfort and design elements. You won’t regret making the switch to Rocky 4EurSole, and your wardrobe {and your feet!} will definitely thank you.

Want to know more? Visit and be sure to check out the Rocky social channels and like them on Facebook, follow @4EurSole on Twitter, 4EurSole on YouTube, Rocky4EurSole on Pinterest, and 4EurSole on Instagram. You can also follow the #WhatFeedsEurSole hashtag so you can see all their loyal fans.

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  1. Gardening feeds my sole in the summer, I cant wait to get out in the sunshine and hear the birds and get my hands dirty! #WhatFeedsEurSole

  2. I feed Eur Sole in the summer months with a lot of walking and spending time outside. These look super comfortable and I love the heel.

  3. The best way for me to #WhatFeedsEurSole during summer is by visiting the beach! I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

  4. I feed my soul by spending lots and lots of times in the garden during the summer. I grow vegetables and herbs for practical reasons and I grow beautiful flowers each year for my soul.

  5. I feed my soul by sitting by the lake and going for walks in the trails listening to nature. So peaceful


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