Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is now in theatres everywhere

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Image007Earlier this week, I got to attend the pre-screening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR at the Seattle Science Center IMAX theatre, and it was amazing. That may seem like an canned response because at this point we’re all pretty familiar with how superhero movies work, and I always appreciate a good Marvel film. But, with Captain America: Civil War they’ve changed up the usual formula of good guys versus bad guys, and replaced it with heroes versus heroes.

Not only does this bring live to the big screen tons of hypothetical “who would win in a fight” arguments, but it also takes away the safety in thinking the resolution will be the good guys winning. While I was a little worried about how I would feel watching team Iron Man vs. team Captain America, it actually made the conflict feel much more real, and made me really invested in the movie and the outcome.Image1But, I suppose I should back up a bit and explain how it came to this that heroes are pitted against heroes. The movie starts with the Avengers hot on the tail of some dangerous criminals, but when apprehending them doesn’t go as smooth as hoped and innocent people are harmed, people around the world raise concerns over the danger the Avengers bring. Image037

This leads to calls for oversight of the Avengers, which ends up splitting them apart as they disagree on how, if at all, to implement any extra authority over the group. While this has all sorts of parallels in society over a general political sense, it really brought the movie into a more believable realm as you watch people who usually agree, now fight against each other for what they both feel is right. Image011

Besides the plot being different from the norm and a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the action sequences in Captain America: Civil War. I really enjoyed seeing the conflict play out between the two sides since they know each other so well. Since they weren’t really trying to hurt each other, it forced them to be much more creative in how they fought. I also feel like they really stepped up a lot of the fight choreography as well as how they filmed the action, making it more intense with lots of impressive moves and sequences.

And it wouldn’t be part of the Marvel universe without some great character crossovers. Not only do we get some awesome scenes with a lot of the usual Avengers crew, there’s also Ant-Man {one of my personal faves}, and the introduction of Black Panther and Spider-Man, both of which did not disappoint. Image039

ended up enjoying Captain America: Civil War a lot more than I expected, and it has taken it’s place as one of my favorites of the Marvel movies. Be sure to check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. It opens today in theaters nationwide, and is definitely worth a night out to see it in all its big screen glory.

So, let’s hear it: Are you #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?

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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. Hoping it’s appropriate for my 3 1/2 year old because he would love it!


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