Where we were: Disney World for #DisneySMMC

Sponsored post Disney Noise GirlsThis last week was pure magic. We just got home from 9 days in heaven and now I'm enjoying all of our amazing memories we made during our week at Walt Disney World. It had been over 16 years since hubby and I visited Disney World, and to say we were overdue is definitely an understatement.

This is us in Disney World back in 1999 with my two sisters {I'm second from the left, hubby is on right}. We were BABIES! Disney World 1999

So, when I found out that I was invited to the exclusive Disney Social Media Moms Celebration back in March, I knew immediately that we had to make it happen. With discount park tickets and inexpensive lodging as part of the event, it makes for a very affordable family Disney trip with luxury digs like this. Disney Beach ClubSince we vowed to take our kids to Disney as many times as possible to make up for the fact that the 1999 trip was both of our first trips, this seemed like a perfect way to make that happen and experience all the Disney magic with behind-the-scenes access and exclusive events. Disney GoGo SqueeZAnd, let me tell you, the event was better than I could have ever expected. With pixie dust-filled packages from American Tourister arriving to our home before the conference even started to well-organized events crammed full of Disney magic, the Disney team worked overtime making sure every detail was accounted for. Both attendees and family members were so well taken care of throughout the event that it's been a hard transition back to reality. American Tourister for Disney MomsSo, besides hanging out in the most magical place on Earth for 8 days, what else did I take away from #DisneySMMC?

  • Friendships. While a lot of time during the week was spent hanging out and enjoying all of the wonders of Disney with my family and friends, I also made some awesome new friends. I shook hands and exchanged introductions with bloggers I have looked up to for years, I put faces to names I've been chatting with for months and years, and I met up with two other Leanne's who love Disney {okay, one is a Carolyn Leanne, but it counts}. Even after we returned from the trip and {most of} the laundry and housekeeping has been done, these friendships have flourished and I'm looking forward to connecting with and keeping in touch via social media until we meet up again.

Leannes do Disney

  • Growing my business. The #DisneySMMC event also provided many opportunities to learn and grow as a blogger. I made some dream contacts {Samsonite and Alamo are basically on every travel blogger's list, Hanes makes our favorite socks, GoGo squeeZ is my kiddos FAVORITE snack, and Huggies is our diaper/wipe brand of choice} and I got to meet so many bloggers in the Disney Social Media Moms Facebook group as we bonded before, during, and after the event.

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  • I got to be a kid again. Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I'm usually the one planning, organizing, and taking on too much for my own good. But, at Disney World? All that's on the schedule is FUN! You could find me screaming through awesome roller coasters, skipping with my daughter, wearing the Minnie ears, and basically just being a kid again. I don't think I've laughed more and had more fun in one week, ever. Disney: It's good for the soul.

Girls do Disney

  • We can make a difference. I did a lot of thinking about where I want to be in a few years and my answer somewhat surprised me. Yes, I will still be blogging here each week and sharing our journeys as well as products and services we love, but I also want to do more. More giving back, more showing my kids the world, and more reaching out to others. Basically, I want to Dream Big, Princess… for myself, and for my kids. Together, we are unstoppable.
  • Never stop learning. I took away a ton of great information from the talks given by Erin Glover and Jenn Fickley-Baker, from the Disney Parks Blog and . They talked about finding yourself as a writer and securing your tribe, and it's just what I needed to hear. I have been guilty of not reaching out to companies, joining groups, or pitching myself out of fear of rejection. But, I'm trying to get better at putting myself out there because that's when great things happen. I'm so ready for great things and I need to let people know that I'm here and ready to start working with them so that it has the possibility of happening.

Disney Hidden MickeysWant to hear how we managed Disney World with a toddler? Check out the Ultimate Guide to doing Disney World with babies and toddlers. It was a labor of love to put the post together, but I've gotten so many thank you notes telling me what a difference the post made in planning dream Disney vacations.
Leanne SignatureDisclaimer: I paid a conference fee to attend the 2016 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and was provided with discounted park tickets and lodging as well as complimentary items. All opinions shared are 100% my own.

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