Taking care of me with Nature Made

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I know most of you reading are parents, so you’re well versed in the art of caring for others. But, ask yourself one question: what ways do you care for yourself? I’m not talking about cruising through a drive thru in between appointments when you’re absolutely starving or “sleeping in” to 8:30 once every blue moon. I’m talking about caring for yourself like you care for your little ones. DSC09468

It wasn’t until last fall that I started really looking at ways I was caring for myself and it became clear quickly that I really wasn’t spending any time on myself. Whereas at one time in my life I did pedicures a few times a year and hair trims every 6 months, even those small indulgences were all but gone from my busy life with three little ones.

I needed to bring those back as well as spending time on my diet, my exercise, and ways that I could stay healthy enough to keep up with all these little people. I’m happy to say that I feel so much better today than I did at the end of last summer. I’m getting my energy back {yay!}, I’m making it a priority to hit my 10,000 step goal, and best of all, I’m showing my kids that being active and staying moving are family priorities. DSC09473

For me, this taking care of myself now starts from the minute I get up when I do the first thing for me: I take my vitamins. Before being pregnant, I never took vitamins. But, as soon as I found out I was expecting in 2007, I bought myself a huge bottle of Nature Made® prenatal vitamins that I took every day. These were the only vitamins I was able to stomach with my pregnancy nausea, and they had all the must-haves as prescribed by my doctor, so I was thrilled they were easy to find in retail as nearby as Walmart. And, since Nature Made® is the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements*, I felt confident that they had everything I needed to support my prenatal needs.

I took Nature Made® prenatal vitamins for all of my pregnancies, but for some reason stopped as soon as I was no longer breastfeeding. This year, I vowed to take care of myself and start taking supplements that specifically fit my needs as an over-tired mom who was Vitamin D deficient and Calcium-depleted after pregnancy.

That may seem like a small thing, but this simple act sets the tone for the day and my resolution to take care of myself as I do for others. Earlier this month, I headed out to Walmart to restock my Nature Made® vitamins to make sure I had what I needed to support my health and wellness goals. It was easy to find what I needed and I was in and out quickly with my new vitamins. Plus, there was no need to wait for a sale because they had the lowest prices around. I ended up walking out with 4 bottles of Nature Made® vitamins and supplements just for me. WP_20160307_21_30_06_Rich

Not sure what vitamins you need? Check out the Nature Made® microsite where you can sign up to be a part of the Nature Made® Daily Boost program for inspiration and information to further your health goals and to get a sneak peek at what other Nature Made® fans are doing to stay healthy.

Have I started you thinking about healthy habits you can adopt in your busy lives? Whether it’s as simple as taking your vitamins regularly or walking instead of driving, these healthy habits add up. You can join in the 30-Day Healthy Habit Program with Nature Made® and get inspiration and motivation to add even more healthy habits to your daily routine.

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