Seattle Day Trip: Anacortes, WA

Anacortes WashingtonSometimes I get so involved in the day to day that I forget to really see the beauty that’s around me. And then sometimes the kids and I are on a walk and I take a minute to look around and I see the morning fog creating a mist through the trees surrounding us. It’s times like this that I absolutely love living in the Puget Sound with forests everywhere and surrounded by water and island towns. WP_20160120_09_25_54_Rich_LI

Clearly, it was time for a road trip._1_AerialAnd, less than two hours away is a little town called Anacortes, WA, which up until now I have only driven through on the way to the beautiful San Juan Islands {which, if you haven’t gone, you MUST. The San Juans are some of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been and I’m lucky that they are a mere road trip/ferry ride away}. So, when my brother in law to-be suggested we all visit Anacortes to try “the world’s best biscuits and gravy”, we excitedly agreed. Anacortes ferryA new town to visit, some of my most favorite people in the world, and all day to take pictures of the kids and the bride-and-groom-to-be in gorgeous scenery… and basically goof off. That’s my kind of day. Anacortes main streetWe checked out a new toy store, Read Me A Story, which the kids could have easily spent hours exploring what with all the toys and then the huge kids play area. Anacortes collageThen we had an amazing breakfast at Dad’s Diner A Go-Go where I had to admit the biscuits and gravy was quite delicious. We had fun checking out all the decor, and the kids loved our table that overlooked the street so they could people watch and check out the town. Dad's Diner CollageAfter that was a long walk to enjoy the scenery and do some shopping. I love the small town charm that has been restored and updated throughout the town. Anacortes Wilson Hotel
Anacortes Ale House
And then we just wandered and took some pictures before we walked to watch the sunset. Anacortes babies Anacortes waterAfterwards, we stopped at Village Pizza for some food and to warm up a bit. Anacortes Village PizzaIf you are looking for an awesome Seattle road trip, now is the time to visit Anacortes and maybe even swing into the tulip or daffodil fields for a photo op on the way there. And, the Anacortes Farmers Market will be starting up soon, which of course makes me super excited to go back.
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