Happy {belated} birthday, Baby!

This is a belated happy birthday, but I couldn't let another week pass without wishing this little one a happy first birthday. We all adore this sweet little baby and we've enjoyed watching her grow and learn over this past year. First birthday cakeAnyone who has met her knows how she radiates love and joy and how she sparkles from within. Seeing her personality emerge has been so fun and I love knowing how much more fun is to come.

I laugh now when I think back to how scared I was to upset the balance and symmetry of our little family of four with a new baby. This little girl has brought so much love, laughter, and joy to our family that I never would have guessed we were missing. Every day with her is a gift and I look forward to watching her grow and change over the next year. Kiddos on Valentines Day smallBaby, I hope you never lose your scrunchy face smile and the happiness that shows all the way to your toes. I hope your siblings never stop running to you every morning excited and incredulous that you are ours to love and care for. I hope you never have third child syndrome and instead realize how very loved you are with all four of us to dote on you. Girls in Cherry BlossomsAnd, I hope you never get mad that 99% of your first year was spent in matching outfits with your sister. Seeing her joy at picking out your outfits each night and her proud expression when people comment on the matching clothes so worth messing with matching clothes {which I never, ever thought I would do as a mom}. But, most of all I love that she's so involved with you and wants everyone to know that you belong together.

I look at all of you and I know you were meant to be together. That this was the family I had been waiting for all my life. I can't wait to see how you grow with each other and how all this love manifests. We love you, baby!Walking with baby“The days turn into months, the months turn into years. So just for the moment, let’s be still.”

P.S. Isn't that crown that my friend Rosemary made ADORABLE? She makes them completely custom for every order and I had her make a special one for each of my kiddos. This sweet Care Bear loving girl simply had to have a rainbow crown, right?

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