Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls doll and accessories from The Queen’s Treasures

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Laura Ingalls doll with covered wagon

If you know my children, you understand their love of dolls. But love doesn’t even come close to describing how they feel about the new Little House on the Prairie® line from The Queen’s Treasures. I can’t even get over how adorable this set is, and how much I would have adored it as a little girl.

Season-One-Episode-Guide-for-Little-House-on-the-PrairieI think it would be hard to find a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s that doesn’t have a soft spot in their heart for the  Little House on the Prairie TV show. But, for big fans like myself, the love of Laura Ingalls goes well beyond the show and includes books, crafts, recipes, and now even toys.

For me, this love started in my early elementary years, when I found the box set of Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder in my parents’ basement. I vividly remember seeing the cover of On the Banks of Plum Creek and realizing that the illustration that depicted the Ingalls’ home {or rather, a dugout} was Latestjust like the one I always imagined my grandmother lived in when she was a little girl. When my grandma talks of her childhood spent in the dugout, she never calls it a cave or focuses on what she went without. Instead, she will talk of the beautiful flowers outside or the beauty of the scenery. 

The cover of On the Banks of Plum Creek with the wildflowers and the girl running on the hill sold me on the fact that Little House on the Prairie was going to be a pivotal point in my life. I remember devouring the books pretty quickly after that, and then re-reading them at numerous times in my childhood as I got interested in the re-runs of the TV show. Even though my grandma was born almost a century after Laura Ingalls Wilder, there were so many similarities in the ways that they grew up, and I used my love of Laura’s stories to better appreciate those that my grandma would tell growing up. Laura Ingalls doll kisses

There’s just something special about her stories that make them so relatable. Reading of her life on the prairie and the hardships and joys that came from living simply got me to imagine myself living as Laura while I read the books. Even though the only butter I’ve ever churned was purely for fun, and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to last more than a few miles in a covered wagon over bumpy fields with no shocks, it was fun to be transported back to that era and get a glimpse of life on the prairie. Laura in covered wagonI know I’m not alone in this love of all things Ingalls. These classics have sold over 60 million copies in more than 100 countries, and have spawned their own long-running TV drama of the same name. 2016 marks the 81st anniversary of the first publication of the Little House on the Prairie novel in 1935 and the stories are still so well loved to this day.Laura Ingalls doll 2This is why I’m so excited that The Queen’s Treasures is releasing their new Laura Ingalls 18” doll and officially licensed Little House on the Prairie® accessories just in time for the holidays. Let The Queen’s Treasures® take your imagination on a ride through time to the late 1800’s; back to the age of butter churns, washboards, and horse drawn carriages. Laura Ingalls doll in box
It’s now easier than ever to experience what life was like for Laura and the Ingalls family with a whole line of accessories that are inspired by the Little House on the Prairie stories. From the covered wagon that they rode in across the plains to cast iron cookware that Ma might have used to prepare lunch, all the way down to the bedding they might have cuddled up in at night, The Queen’s Treasures has everything you can think of to take you back to Laura’s era. Laura ingalls doll with girlThese authentically detailed Little House on the Prairie play sets by The Queen’s Treasures are more than just a fun present for kids to open this holiday season. Gifting a Laura Ingalls doll or accessories introduces kids to the world of Laura Ingalls and her stories, opening the path to even more learning opportunities as they play. Laura Ingalls eyes
If you don’t already own the Laura Ingalls 18” doll, my recommendation would be to start your collection there. This intricately detailed doll has long brown hair worn in braids, freckled cheeks, bright blue eyes that show her excitement and curiosity of the world around her, a cloth body and vinyl limbs. Laura comes dressed in a nightgown and bonnet with her bedding set so she is all ready for a good night’s sleep after a long day of helping Ma and Pa.Laura Ingalls doll with blanketIf you are looking for a wow gift to surprise someone with this holiday season, I would direct you to the officially licensed Little House on the Prairie® Covered Wagon. With working wagon wheels, a removable canvas cover, a wooden storage box for bringing along extra clothing and accessories, and a horse hitch and reins for adding a play horse {or two}, the covered wagon is hours and hours of fun. Little House covered wagon fullMy kids adore the wooden storage box that rides in the back of the covered wagon, and I love that it has a Little House on the Prairie logo. Little House wagon
Once we collect even more Little House on the Prairie accessories from The Queen’s Treasures, they will store nicely both in the wagon as well as in the storage box. Wouldn’t the set of dishes look simply stunning in here? Little house box open
For even more play value, the covered wagon also converts to a horse-drawn sleigh with the sleigh conversion kit. Just imagine how your little one would react to see this beautiful sleigh displaying your Laura doll by the Christmas tree.

Measuring 2 ft. 3″L X 2 ft. H X 1ft W, this isn’t a small doll wagon. It’s big enough so you can place two dolls side by side in the wagon to sleep, or you can place up to four dolls in the wagon to ride. The hitch is x 24″L, and if you add in some play horses, you could be looking at a gorgeously massive focal point of a child’s bedroom or playroom.

If you would like to gift hours of imaginative play this holiday season, start shopping online at The Laura Ingalls doll is available on their website as well as at for $99.99. A full-line of accessories is available at The Queen’s Treasures in the Little House on the Prairie collection.

For even more Little House on the Prairie fun, you can visit The site has so many helpful and educational resources about Little House on the Prairie, including a historical timeline and articles discussing the history of the series. You will also find fun crafts, recipes and more that would be a perfect companion to your Little House on the Prairie purchases.


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