Build, code & play with JIMU Robots

JIMU bot with kids

It’s incredibly important to me that I introduce my kids to all aspects of STEM-based learning, especially those that aren’t naturally tech-inclined. In my search for tech toys, I’ve found my new favorite toy that truly makes STEM learning fun: The JIMU Robot System. They can build, code, and play with their own customizeable robot for hours and hours of fun, all while learning the basics of robotics.

The Gift Collection from Winsor & Newton

Winson Newton dual tip markers

Have an artist or budding artist on your list this year? If so, you need to check out The Gift Collection from Winsor & Newton. Each of the six new collections contain the essential tools an artist needs to create amazing art, all beautifully crafted with the finest materials and packaged in ready-to-gift boxes. I chair … Read more

Create your own PLAYMOBIL playscape to enhance playtime

Playmobil boat with boy

Just like with PLAYMOBIL playtime, there’s no wrong way to set up your PLAYMOBIL playscape. As long as it encourages creative play, helps with family bonding, and keeps the kiddos imagining, it is the perfect playscape for fun. Create your own DIY PLAYMOBIL playscape using these steps and see how it enhances playtime in your house. 

Kit’s new garden accessories from American Girl

American Girl Garden

I am so excited to share my newest photo shoot I did with some of the newest items from American Girl this summer. We were inspired by Kit’s new gardening series and decided to make a fun garden scene to celebrate – just in time for fall harvests. A little backstory: My kids were originally … Read more

American Girl DIY play garden

American Girl Garden with Kit

Our DIY play garden for American Girl dolls can be used for a variety of play scenarios, from learning about plants and how they grow to imagining your dolls are running a bustling farm that sells its goods at the farmer’s market. It’s easy to make and inexpensive, but adds a ton of play value to our American Girl playtime.

Mindful crafting with Sequin Pets to snuggle

Last week on a school field trip, I had a very earnest conversation with a little girl about all of the many things she loves about sequins. Specifically, reverse sequins {AKA mermaid sequins}, the kind that you can use to “draw” shapes with. It turns out she has been wanting products with these special reverse … Read more

Faber-Castell professional art supplies

Faber Castell pro art supplies pastels

As someone who bonds with loved ones over art projects, a shipment of brand new Faber-Castell professional art supplies is definitely the way to my heart. And, when that shipment includes pro level supplies for us adults as well as items for the kids, you can bet I’m swooning. Our most recent order included gorgeous … Read more

Girl Scout SWAPS mini compass

Girl Scout SWAPS

Want to see my adorable mini compass Girl Scout SWAPS? Wait, you don’t know what Girl Scout SWAPS are? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, I went three decades of my life without ever hearing the term, but all that changed this spring. You see, in the past year I somehow became a Girl Scout. … Read more