Aloka Colour & Shine LED Bedside Night Light

Thank you to Lumenico for sending their Aloka Colour & Shine Light for review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% ours.

Aloka Colour and Shine

What kid doesn’t want their own special bedside night light with a design of their choice? That light becomes even cooler when you can control it with the included remote, and change it to the color as you desire to suit your mood. Choose your favorite colors or set to a glowing rainbow.ALOKA lights

The 7″ translucent Aloka Colour & Shine LED lights are the new bedside companion you didn’t know you needed. It makes bedtime a breeze and adds a extra level of fun that lamps and traditional nightlights can’t deliver. You can choose between numerous designs, including some adorable new My Little Pony branded lights that any pony lover would love.ALOKA robot light

As cool as the remote controlled bedside light is, you can even hand color your Aloka light to personalize your light with the included markers. Color, enjoy, and wipe off when you want to change your design. In addition to coloring the light, we like to write little messages to each other on the light with the pens. We use them for writing affirmations, little to-dos, or love notes to make each other smile.ALOKA coloring light

The Aloka lights from Lumenico runs by either AA battery or USB so you can use it on the go or plug it in at home. If your kids are anything like mine, they never want to be away from their Aloka Starlights.

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